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Partial  Genealogy 

of  THE 




Counselor  at  Law 



Greatgrandsons  (3)  of 



Donvn.  UTAH 


Az,  on  a  chev,  la,  between  three  cinque  foils  gu,  as 
many  horse-shoes  of  the  field. 


Out  of  a  ducal  coronet,  a  sinister  hand  between  two 

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in  2010  with  funding  from 
Brigham  Young  University 

The  Ferris  family  was  originally  from  Leicester- 
shire, England,  and  descended  from  the  honse  of 
Feriers,  Ferrerr,  Ferrets  or  Ferris,  the  first  mem- 
ber of  which  (in  England)  was  Henry  de  Feriers, 
the  son  of  Guelchelme  de  Feriers,  Master  of  the 
House  of  the  Duke  of  Normandy,  who  obtained  of 
the  Conqueror  large  grants  of  land  in  the  counties  of 
Staffordshire,  Derbyshire  and  Leicestershire.  It 
is  said  he  took  an  active  part  in  the  Battle  of  Hast- 
ings, having  invaded  England  with  the  Conqueror. 
From  Guelchelme  de  Feriers  and  Win.  de  Ferers, 
Earl  of  Derby,  descends  the  Ferrers  of  Groby, 
who  bore  for  their  paternal  coat  of  arms  gu  seven 
mascles  or,  a  canton  erm,  while  their  Westchester 
descendants  carried  gu  a  fleur  de  lis  or  a  canton 
erm  with  a  crescent  for  the  difference. 

Jeffrey  Ferries  or  Ferris  is  first  heard  of  in 
Watertown,  Mass.,  where  he  was  admitted  a  free- 
man, May  6,  1635.  He  must  have  been  residing 
at  Fairfield,  Conn.,  at  the  time  of  his  death,  ac- 
cording to  the  following  extract  taken  from  the 
Probate  record  :  Order  of  the  Court  of  Probate. — 
Fairfield,  on  estate  of  Jeffrey  Ferris,  relative  to 
marriage  contract  with  his  deceased  wife  Susanna, 
by  which  he  agreed  to  pay  certain  legacies 
to  children  of  Robert  Lockwood,  deceased,  ac- 
cording to  the  administration  entered  in  Courte 
20th  October,  1658,  &c.  It  is  very  evident  that 
Jeffrey  Ferries,  or  Ferres  removed  from  Water- 
town,  Mass.,  toWethersfield,  Connecticut,  thence  to 
Stamford,  Ct.,   in  1640,   and  became  an  original 


freeholder.  The  history  of  Stamford,  by  Hunting- 
ton, says  at  page  31  he  was  made  freeman  in  Bos- 
ton in  1635  ;  came  with  first  settlers  and  received 
10  acres  assignment  of  land.  Savage  says  he  was 
from  Watertown,  Mass.,  where  he  was  made  free- 
man, thence  to  Wethersfield,  and  from  Wethers- 
field  in  1656,  one  of  the  eleven  Greenwich  men  who 
petitioned  to  be  accepted  under  the  New  Haven 
jurisdiction  will  probated  in  Fairfield,  as  heretofore 
stated,  January  6,  1664,  &c.  Tradition  invests  the 
immigration  of  this  family  to  this  country  with 
the  lines  of  romantic  adventure.  The  ancestress, 
who  was  also  high  born,  following  her  lover  out 
into  this  western  world  to  share  with  him  here  the 
fortunes  which  English  aristocracy  would  not 
allow.  Jeffrey  died  31  May,  1666  and 
Susannah,  his  first  wife,  died  at  Grinwich,  Decem- 
ber 23,  1660.  Before  marrying  Jeffrey  Ferris  she 
was  the  widow  of  Robert  Lockwood  by  whom  she 
apparently  had  one  daughter,  Mary  Lockwood, 
and  a  son,  Jonathan  Lockwood.  Huntington  says 
Judy  Burns  (who  must  have  been  his  second  wife), 
receipted  for  her  widow's  portion  in  his  estate 
March  6,  1667,  and  his  will  names  his  wife  Judy, 
son  James,  son  Jonathan  Lockwood  and  Mary 
Lockwood,  son  Peter's  three  children  and  son 
Joseph's  two. 

I.    Jeffrey  left  the  following  issue : 

II.  John  Ferris,  married  twice,  Mary  and  Grace. 

II.  Peter  Ferris ;  born  July  5,  1654  died  Septem- 
ber 28,  1706  ;  married  Elizabeth  Reynolds. 

II.  Joseph  Ferris  ;  born  September  20, 1657  ;  mar- 
ried Ruth,  daughter  of  Nicholas  Knapp. 


II.  James  Ferris. 

Peter,  Joseph  and  James  Ferris,  and  Jonathan 
Lockwood  were  apparently  the  administrators  of 
Jeffrey's  will.  See  receipt  of  John  Ferris  in  ap- 

II.  Joseph  Ferris,  son  of  Jeffrey,  married  Ruth 

Knapp,  September  20,  1657  ;  issue  : 

III.  Joseph. 

III.  Peter;  born  Septembers,  1660. 

III.  Joseph  Ferris,  son  of  Joseph,  married  Mary 

.  December  12,  1686  ;  issue. 

IV.  Joseph ;  b.  Men.  31,  1688. 
IV.  Mary;  b.  Dec.  12,  1690. 
IV.  Nathan;  b.  Oct.  22,  1694. 
IV.  Samuel;  b.  Sept.  5,  1696. 

IV.  Elizabeth;  b.  Mch.  19,  1698-9. 
IV.  Abigail;  b.  Apl.  13,  1701. 
IV.  Hannah  ;  b.  June  20,  1704. 
IV.  Deborah;  b.  Aug.  27,  1706. 

III.  Peter  Ferris,  married ;  issue  : 

IV.  Elizabeth;  b.  Nov.  28,  1659;  d.  May  2,  1660. 
IV.  Joseph ;  b.  June  20,  1657. 

IV. b.  June  20,  1659. 

IV.  Mary  ;  b.  May  2,  1662. 
IV.  Elizabeth  ;  b.  Jany.  2,  1664. 


II.  James  Ferris,  son  of  Jeffrey,  had  an  estate  in 
Greenwich,  Connecticut,  in  1672.  Oliver 
Ferris,  formerly  of  Greenwich,  a  soldier 
of  the  Revolutionary  War,  was  probably  a 
grandson  of  James,  purchased  "Wool- 
fort's  Roost,"  married  Abigail,  daughter 
of  John  LocJcwood,  of  Greenwich,  and  had 
the  following  issue : 
Elizabeth,  married  Aaron  Close. 



Daniel  Ackerman 



Jacob  Storms. 



Daniel  Dutclier. 



Smith  Scojield. 



John  Jewell. 

Benson  ;  b.  Mch.  21,  1794 ;  married 

d.  July,  1882. 

It  is  said  Oliver  Ferris  served  under  Montgomery 
in  the  invasion  of  Canada,  and  was  present  in  1775 
at  the  capture  of  St.  Johns.  In  1802  he  removed 
from  Greenwich  to  Westchester  and  purchased 
from  Major  Van  Tassel,  Woolfort's  Roost. 

Benson    Ferris ;    lived    in    Tarrytown ;    m 

issue  Wm.  A.  Ferris,  Benson  Ferris,  Jr., 
Jemima  Ferris,  Oliver  Ferris,  President 
of  Tarrytown  Natl.  Bank. 

II.  Peter  Ferris,  son  of  Jeffery,  was  made  a  free- 
man in  1662  and  representative  in  1667  ;  a 
large  grant  of  land  was  confirmed  in  Peter 
Ferris  May  26, 1685.  Elizabeth,  his  daugh- 
ter, d.  May  2,  1660. 

II.  John   Ferris,  son  of  Jeffry  or  Jeffery  Ferris. 
The  New  England  Historical  and  G.  Re- 

ports,  Vol.  42,  p.  311,  says:  John  Ferris 
was  born  in  Leicestershire,  England,  in 
1649,  and  emigrated  to  Fairfield,  Connecti- 
cut ;  this  statement  the  compiler  ques- 
tions :  at  any  rate  it  is  a  fact  that  he  moved 
to  Westchester  in  1654  and  was  one  of  the 
first  patentees  of  Westchester.  Gov.  Nich- 
ols, 1667,  Gov.  Dongan,  1686,  Indian  deed 
1692.  Bolton's  History  of  Westchester, 
Vol.  II,  p.  234,  says  he  was  one  of  the  ten 
proprietors  of  Throckmorton' s  Neck  inl667. 
Throgmorton's  Point  or  Neck  was  named 
after  John  Throgmorton,  an  Englishman, 
who  took  a  grant  for  it  under  the  Dutch 
a.  d.  1643.  The  name  says  Judge  Benson 
has  been  attenuated  from  Thogmorton's 
to  Throg's  Neck.  It  is  said  that  he  ob- 
tained land  on  the  neck  probably  from 
purchase  from  Thomas  Pell,  formerly  of 
Fairfield  ;  he  lived  to  an  advanced  age  and 
died  March,  1715,  leaving  five  sons  and 

four  daughters  hereinafter  named.  John 
Ferris  was  a  son  of  Jeffry  and  not  a 
brother ;  he  was  married  twice  ;   his  first 

wife  was  Mary ,  who  died   in  1704, 

and  his  second  wife  Grace,  who  died  in 
Flushing,  Long  Island,  December  31st, 
1715,  same  year  as  her  husband.  John 
became  a  Friend  or  Quaker,  as  he  is  so 
mentioned  in  the  records  ;  he  left  issue  : 

III.  Peter,  married  Susannah 

III.  Mary,  married  March  12,  1685,  Nathaniel 
UnderltiU.  Mayor  of  the  Borough  of 

III.  Samuel,  one  of  the  first  assistants  and  Com- 
mon Council  of  Westchester  ;  married  in 
1699,  Sarah  Pinckney,  daughter  of  John 

III.  James  Ferris,  married  Anna  Sands,  of  Sands 
Point,  Long  Island  ;  died  1746  ;  proprietor 
of  "The  Homestead,"  at  Throggs  Neck. 

III.  Johnathan,  of  Courtlandt  Manor,  married 
;  died  1753. 

III.  John,  of  Westchester,  married  Elizabeth 
;  died  1729. 

III.  Phebe  ;  born  April  11,  1700  ;  married  Edward 
Burlin  or  Burling. 

III.  Martha,  married    Clark. 

III.  Sarah,  married,  1st,  Solomon  Palmer, 

;  2d,  Samuel  Harrison,  Oct.  8, 1719. 

III.  Hannah ;  born  February  12,  1705  ;  married 
William  Mott;  born  Jan'y  20,  1674;  he 
died  June  30,  1730  ;  she  died  Apl.  25, 1760  ; 
issue  William,  who  married  Elizabeth 
Valentine ;  issue  Dr.  Henry  Mott ;  mar- 
ried Jane  Wall ;  issue  Dr.  Valentine  Mott, 
distinguished  surgeon. 

III.  Peter  Ferris,  son  of  John,  and  grandson  of 
Jeffrey,  as  described  in  a  deed  in  1721,  as 
of  Westchester.  In  1725  Peter  Ferris, 
Esq.,  of  Momaroneck,  and  Susannah  his 
wife  convey  a  piece  of  land  bequeathed  by 
his  honored  father,  John  Ferris  by  his  last 
will.  Subsequently  Peter  Ferris,  gentle- 
man, and  Moses  Fowler,   gentleman,  and 


Edward    Burling  or    Burlin,    gentleman, 
unite  in  conveying  lands  in  East  Chester, 

Eastchester  branch  of  Westchester 
County  Ferrises,  Peter  Ferris  and 
Susannah  ;  issue : 

IV.  Gilbert;  m.  Sarah  Fowler. 
IV.  Joshua. 

IV.  Jonathan ;   m.    1st,  Rachel  Dean  ;  2d,  Eliza- 
beth Miller. 
IV.  Caleb. 

Gilbert  Ferris  lived  in  East  Chester.     His  wife 
was  a  daughter  of  Moses  Fowler ;  issue — 
V.  Richard. 

V.  Susan;  m.  Angemne. 

V.  Eleanor  ;  m.  Davis. 

V.  Abigail;  m.  1st  ,  Hay  lies  ;  m.  2d, 

V.  Stephen;  m. 
V.  George;  m.  1st,  Jemima  Tramp ;  m.  2d,  Sarah 

V.  Solomon;  m.  Lydia. 
V.  John  ;  m.  Sarah  WatJcins. 

V.  Stephen  Ferris,    son  of   Gilbert ;  married 

issue ; 

VI.  Cornelius. 

VI.  Sarah. 
VI.  James. 

"VI.  Susan. 

VI.  Eliza. 

VI.  Jane. 

VI.  Catharine;  m.  Lawrence. 

VI.  Richard. 

VI.  George. 

V.  Solomon  Ferris,  son  of  Gilbert ;  b.   25   Aug., 

1766  ;d.  19  Oct.,  1860;  m.  Lydia ;  b.  8 
Apr.,  1775  ;  d.  16  Nov.,  1870.  They  lived 
at  Highlands,  opposite  Po'keepsie  ;  issue 

VI.  Anning  F. 

VI.  Jt>A/i  /ay/   unm.  ;   b.   15  Feb.,   1796;   d.  14 

Feb.,  1875. 
VI.  Harwy. 
VI.  Eleanor ;  m.  William  A.  Smith;  d.   31  Dec, 

1825,  ».  24  y. 
VI.  Sarah;  m.  Joshua  D'Angevine ;   d.  28  Feb., 

1829,  a3.  29  y. 
VI.  Nelson  ;  m.  Deyo  ;  b.  22  June,  1806  ; 

d.  28  July,  1859. 
VI.  Electa ;  m.   John  Thompson,  organizer  of  the 

1st  Natl.  Bank  &  Chase  Natl.  Bank,  New 

York  ;  their  son  Fred.  Ferris  Thompson  is 

a  banker. 
VI.  Mary  A.  ;  m.  Saml.  Clark ;  d.  10  Mar.,  1830  ; 

8d.  19  y. 
VI.  Julia  R.  ;   m.    Nathl,    DuBois ;  b.  2  Sept., 

1818  ;  d.  12  July,  1849. 
VI.  Samuel  C.  ;  b.  1815  ;  d.  26  May,  1830. 

V.  George  Ferris,  son  of  Gilbert ;  m.  1st  Jemima 


Trams  ;  m.  2nd  Sarah  Carpenter  ;  issue  : 
VI.  Jemima;  m.  Caleb  Bedell. 
VI.  Euphemy ;  m.  Oakley. 

VI.  Nathaniel ;  m.  Mary  Warner. 
VI.  Lanning ;  m.  Cordelia  Bennett. 
VI.  Ebenezer  ;  m.  Mary  Pear  sail. 
VI.  Gilbert;  m.  Maria 

V.  /ok  Ferris,  son  of  Gilbert;  b.  24 Feb.,  1772;  d. 
23  Feb.,  1824;  m.  1  Oct.,  1793,  Sarah  Watkins ; 
dan.  Joseph  Watkins;  b.  20  Sept.,  1772;  d.  27 
June,  1852  ;  issue  : 

VI.  Frances;  b.  27  Oct.,  1794;  d.  9  Oct.,  1796. 

VI.  Anna;  b.  29  Aug.,  1796;  d.   22  May,  1824; 

m.    1814  James   Farrand  ;    he    d.    1828 ; 
issue  : 

VII.  Cornelius  I.  ;  m.  Eliz.  McAuley  ;  b.  1S15  ;  d. 


VII.  Charlotte  B.  ;  m.  James  Edwards  ;  b.  1817. 
VII.  Emily  Watkins;  m.  Abraham  B.  Ludlam  ; 

b.  1819. 
VII.  Sarah;  b.  1821. 
VI.  Isaac  {see  post). 

VI.  Harriet;  b.  6  Sept.,  1800;  d.  24  Mch.,  1814. 
VI.  Charlotte;  b.  25  July,  1802  ;  d.  23  May,  1821. 
VI.  Eliza  W. ;  b.  6  Sept.,  1804  ;  d.  23  May,  1827. 
VI.  Sarah  Emily ;  b.   20  Sept.,  1806;  d.  1  Apr., 

VI.  Albert;  b.  24  Sept.,  1S08  ;  d.  16  Nov.,  1861. 

V.  Isaac  Ferris,  son  of  John  Ferris,  b.  Oct.,  1798; 


d.  16  June,  1873  ;  m.  1st  30  Dec,  1820,  Catharine 
Burchan;  b.  18  May,  1801  ;  d.  9  Sept.,  1837;  is- 
sue : 

VII.  Charlotte  E.  ;  b.  22  Dec,  1822 ;  d.  unm. 
VII.  John  Mason;  b.  17  Jan.,  1825,  a  clergyman 

with  degree  D.  D.  ;  resides  at  Flatbush, 

L.  I. 

VII.  Richard  B.  ;  b.  6  Jan.,  1827  ;  Vice-Prest.  of 
Bank  of  New  York. 

VII.  Catharine  B.  ;  b.  8  Apr.,   1830;  m.   George 
E.  Lockwood. 

VII.  Sarah  W.  ;  b.  3  Oct.,  1832  ;  unm. 

VII.  Anna  Truax ;  b.  22  Feb.,  1835  ;  d.  18  Aug., 

VII.  Laura   G.  ;  b.  31  July,  1837  ;  m.  Louis  Viele 

28  Feb.,  1839. 

Isaac  Ferris  ;  m.  2nd,  Sarah  J.  Crygier  ;  b.    28 
Nov.,  1811  ;  d.  2  July,  1848  ;  issue  : 
VII.  Mary  A.  ;  b.  9  Oct.,  1845  ;  unm. 
VII.  Isaac  Ward  ;  b.  23  March,  1840 ;  m.  Cornelia 

S.  Danforth,  dau.  of  Judge  Peter  S.  Dan- 


Isaac  Ferris,  D.  D.,  LL.D.,  Third  Chancellor 
of  the  New  York  University  ;  resided  in  the  City  of 
New  York  during  the  most  of  his  life.  He  married 
1  Oct.,  1850,  3rd  Letitia  Storm  ;  b.  12  Oct.,  1850  ; 
dau.  of  Abraham  G.  Storm  and  Susan  Van  Wyck, 
of  Po'keepsie,  N.  Y.  ;  issue  : 
VII.  Edward  Storm;  b.  30  Nov.,  1851  ;  d.  16  Apr., 

VII.  Harriet  Frances ;    b.    9   July,    1854  ;    d.    1 

Aug.,  1870. 


VII.  Morris  Patterson;    b.    3  Oct.,    1855;   m.  4 

Sept.,  1879 ;  Mary  Lanman  Douw,  dau. 
of  John  de  Peyster  Douw,  and  Marianna 
Chandler  Lanman  ;  issue  : 

VIII.  Mary  Van  Rensselaer ;  b.  28  Aug.,  1880. 
VIII.  Morris  Douw  ;  b.  12  Feb.,  1884. 

VIII.    Van  Wyck  ;  b.  28  May,  1890. 

Morris  P.  Ferris,  A.  B.,  and  LL.B.,  University 
of  the  City  of  New  York,  is  a  practicing  lawyer  in 
the  City  of  New  York,  a  member  of  a  number  of 
clubs  and  colonial  societies,  and  a  resident  of 

IV.  Jonathan  Ferris,  son  of  Peter  Ferris,  born  at 

Eastchester  February  15,  1732  ;  died  at 
Peekskill,  August  8th  or  26th,  1798  ;  mar- 
ried first  Rachel  Dean ;  born  1731 ;  died 
May  6th,  1779  ;  married  second  Elizabeth  or 
Betsey  Miller  ;  had  issue  by  both  wives. 
Issue  of  Jonathan  and  Rachel  Dean  : 

V.  Joseph ;  b.  Peekskill  Nov.  15,  1757 ;  d.  Peeks- 

kill  Nov.  23,  1841;  m.  Lydia  Seymour;  born 

1763  ;  died  1837. 
V.  Caleb  D.;  b.  Peekskill ;         d.         ;  m.  Eliza- 
beth Lent ;  b.  1768  ;  d.  1844. 
V.  Joshua;  b.  Peekskill  ;d.  ;  m.    Eliza 

V.  Benjamin  ;  b.  Peekskill  ;  d.  1797  ;  m. 

first  Anna  Post;    second    Anna   Maria 

V.  Hon.  Jonathan;  b.  Peekskill  March  18,  1779  ; 

died  at   Ithaca,  N.  Y.,   while  temporarily 


absent  Sept.  6,  1838  ;  married  at  Peekskil 

Feb'y  13,  1800  ;  Jane  Owen;  b.  1783  ;   d. 

Oct.  20,  1845. 
V.  Sarah;  b.  Peekskill  ;  d.         ;  m.  Richard 

Currey  or  Curry. 
V.  Susannah ;    b.    Peekskill  ;  d.  ;  m. 

Smith  Jones  ;  issue  :  Rachel  Jones. 
V.    Deborah;  b.  Peekskill  ;d.  ;m.  Ben- 

jamin Drake  ;  issue  :  Caleb  Drake. 
Phebe  ;  b.  Peekskill ;         d.  m.  Henry  Louns- 

bury  or  Lounsberry  ;  issue  :  Benj.  L. 
V.  Peter  ;  b.  Peekskill ;  d.  ;  m. 

V.  John ;  Peekskill,   June  7,  1769 ;  d.  Peekskill, 

Feb'y  25,   1789;   issue  of  Jonathan  and 

Betsey  Miller. 

V.  Elizabeth;  b.  Peekskill ;  d.         ;  m.  John 

V.   Rebecca ;  b.  Peekskill,  ;  d.  ;  m. 

Lyon's  settled  in  the  West. 

V.  Fanny ;  b.  Peekskill,  ;  d.  ;  m.  Caleb 


Note. — It  is  stated  that  Jonathan  had   a    son 

Charles  who    married  ;    had    issue  Mary 

Ferris ;     married  ;    issue :     Lillian 

Blanche  Fearing,  a  lawyer  and  author  living  in 

V.  Caleb   Dean    Ferris,    son    of    Jonathan    and 
Rachel  Dean ;  m.  ;  issue  : 

VI.  Jonathan  Ferris. 
VI.  Damd  Ferris. 
VI.   Caleb  D.  Ferris. 


V.  Hon.  Jonathan  Ferris,  son  of  Jonathan,  mar- 
ried Jane  Owen  (daughter  of  Jesse  and 
Mary  Owen) ;  issue  : 

VI.  Jesse  Owen;  b.  Peekskill  Dec.  18th,  1800; 
died  at  Mt.  Clemens,  Michigan,  1891  ;  m. 
Jane  Sidam  Edgerly  ;  b.  1817  ;  d.  1890. 

VI.  Mary  Ann ;  b.  Peekskill  Aug.  3,  1802  ;  died 
Brooklyn,  ft.  Y.,  Nov.  11,  1861 ;  married 
Benj.  P.  Benson;  issue  Eugene  Benson 

VI.  Charles  Harrison ;  b.  Peekskill  Oct,  6.  1804  ; 
died  Chicago  Sept.  3, 1852  ;  married  Cath- 
arine Meltissa  Dussenburg ;  b.  1820 ;  d. 
1853 ;  issue  VII ;  Frances  (widow) ;  m. 
Clark  ;  now  living  in   Geneva,  HI. 

VI.  Joseph;  b.  Peekskill Feb'y  22,  1087 ;  d.  Peeks- 
kill  Nov.  28,  1831. 

VI.  Caleb  Dean;  b.  Peekskill  Feb'y  14,  1809;  d. 
Mt.  Clemens  Oct.  17,  1832. 

VI.  Sarah;  b.  Peekskill  Jan'y  31, 1811 ;  d.  Peeks- 
kill  Mar.  7,  1858;  m.  llios.  D.  Cooper;  b. 
1814 ;  d.  1865. 

VI.  Harrison;  b.  Peekskill  Mch.  15,  1815;  d. 
Peekskill  Nov.  29,  1854. 

VI.  Jane  Eliza;  b.  Peekskill  Aug.  19,  1815;  d. 
Peekskill  May  17,  1841  ;  m.  Alsop  V.  C. 

VI.  Benjamin;  b.  Peekskill  Sept,  8,  1817;  d. 
Peekskill  Apl.  9,  1826. 

VI.  Jonathan  Henry,  Lawyer,  b.  Peekskill ;  May 
5,  1820;  d.  Peekskill,  June,  1873;  m.  Sarah 
A.  Nelson,  da.  of  Wm.  and 

VI.  John;  b.  Peekskill,  Feb.  8,  1825;  d.  Peekskil, 


VI.  Joshua  Currey ;  b.  Peekskill,  Feb.  12,  1826 ; 
d.  Peekskill,  May  15,  1882  ;  m.  Lydia  M. 
Boynton,  da.  of  John  and  Barbara  Fash. 

Hon.  Jonathan  Ferris  was  a  Captain  in  Colonel 
Carver's  regiment  in  the  war  of  1812,  and  County 
Judge  in  1820. 

VI.  Joshua  Currey  Ferris,  son  of  Hon.  Jonathan 

m.  Lydia  Maria  Boynton,  Feb.  13,  1851; 
(daughter  of  John  Boynton  and  Barbara 
Fash)  issue. 

VII.  Henry  Boynton ;  b.  New  York  City,  Dec.  5, 

1851;  m.  Belle  Crary  Buckland,  Buffalo, 
N.  Y.,  May  13,  1874 ;  no  issue. 

VII.  Jane  Eliza  ;  b.  Peekskill,  April  29,  1854  ;  un- 

VII.  John  Boynton  ;  b.  Peekskill,  March  15,  1856  ; 

VII.  Mary  Louise-,  b.  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  Aug.  22, 
1865;  m.  Fred'k  Staib,  Buffalo,  July  28, 

VII.  Charles  Nelson;  b.  Buffalo,  Jan'y  20,  1869  ; 

VII.  Alia  Gertrude;  b.  Buffalo,  June  20,  1873  ;  m. 
Fred'k  Charles  Wilkes,  Oct.  1889. 

VI.  Jonathan  Henry,  son  of  Hon.  Jonathan  ;  m. 

Sarah  A.  Nelson  ;  issue. 

VII.  Cornelia  ;  m.  Judge  Currey  of  San  Francisco. 
VII.  /  m.  Griswold. 

VII.  ;  Rev. 


III.  James  Ferris,  son  of  John  Ferris,    married 

Anna  Sands,  of  Sands  Point ;  will  re- 
corded August  17,  1746  ;  had  issue: 

IV.  James  ;  born  July  3,  1734  ;  died  February  25, 

1780 ;  married  Charity  Thomas,  daughter 
of  Hon.  John  Thomas  and  sister  of  General 
Thomas  Thomas  ;  born  July  3,  1734  ;  died 
July,  1809  ;  remains  of  both  removed 

from  old  Ferris  Burying  Ground  at  West- 
chester Village  to  AVoodlawn  Cemetery,  to 
plot  of  Mrs.  Hicks. 

IV.  John  Ferris  ;  born  June,  1733  ;  died  January, 
1814  ;  married  Marianna  Hunt,  daughter 
of  Thomas  Hunt. 

IV.  Jonathan  Ferris,  of  New  York  ;  born  ; 

died  ;  married    Ursula  Catlin. 

IV.  Anna  or  Hann all  Ferris';  born ;  d. 

married  Dr.  Valentine  Seaman. 

IV.  Elizabeth  Ferris  ;    born  ;  died 

married  Dr.  Thomas  Cock. 

IV.  Sands  Ferris;  born  ;  died  ; 

married  Susan  Potter. 

IV.  JSarah  Ferris,  married  John  White,  see  ap- 
pendix page  58. 

IV.  Elmira 

IV.  Mary 

IV.  James  Ferris,  son  of  James  Ferris  and  Anna 
Sands;  occupant  of  "  The  Homestead," 
when  Lord  Howe  took  possession ; 
married  Charity  Thomas ;  born  July  3, 
1734  (sister  of  General  Thomas  Thomas). 
See  appendix  for  short  history  of  Thomas 
family  issue,  seven  sons  and  four  daugh- 


V.  Margaret  or  Peggy  Ferris  ;  born  August  14, 
1754  ;  married  Col.  Loring,  of  Massachu- 
setts ;  commander  of  a  Massachusetts 
Regiment  during  the  Revolution. 

V.  Anne  Ferris;  born  November  17,1755  ;  married 
Hon.  Philip  Pell,  Judge  Advocate  of 
American  Army. 

V.  Thomas  Ferris  ;  born  September  2,  1757  ; 
Clerk  of  Westchester  Co.  hero  with 
Harvey  Brick  ;  married  Mary  A.  Banlcs. 

V.  Abigail  Ferris  ;  born  November,  1759  ;  married 

Captain  David  Harrison. 
V.  James  Ferris ;  born  June  14th,  1762;  married 

Sarah  Oakley. 
V.  Massie  or  Mary  Ferris  ;  born  March  9,  1764. 
V.  Cornwall  Ferris;  born  April  24th,  1766. 
V.  Edward  Ferris  ;    born  February  19th,  1768  ; 

married  Elizabeth  Goadsby  of  Albany. 
V.  Charles  Ferris  ;  born  December  16,  1769. 
V.   David  Ferris  :  born  August  8,  1771 ;  married 
Ann  Ferris,  daughter  of  Benjamin  Ferris. 
V.  George  Ferris  ;  was  the  dwarf  of  the  family, 
though  5   ft.  11  in. ;  was  born  while  Lord 
Howe   was  in  possession  of    The  Home- 
stead ;  married  Catharine  Post. 
James  Ferris,  Anthony  Bartow  and  Fordham 
Edward  were  appointed  Commissioners  for  West- 
chester and  Fordham  for  the  laying  out  of  public 
highways  in    the    County    of    Westchester.     See 
Chap.  1012  Laws  of  Colony  of  New  York,  pp.  78, 

Ferris  and  Bartow  reappointed  January  27,  1770. 
See  Chap.  1458  Laws  of  Colony  of  N.    Y. ;  they 


served  from  April  1,  1756  to  about  the  Revolution- 
ary War. 

IV.  John  Ferris,  son  of  James  and  Anna  Sands  ; 

married  Marrianna  Hunt ;  and  had  issue  : 
V.  Elijah  ;  born  January  24th,  1768  ;  died  May, 

V.  Jonathan,  of  N.  Y. ;  born  ;  died 

V.  Elvin  Ferris  ;  born  ;  died 

(lost  at  sea);  married  ;  had  issue  : 

VI.  Rufus,  who  married  Miss  Leggett. 

V.  Elijah  Ferris,  son  of  John  Ferris  and  Marri- 
anna Hunt ;  married  Amelia  Livingston, 
daughter  of  Philip  Livingston  ;  issue  : 

VI.  Lindley  M.  Ferris ;  )  1.  Caroline  Murray, 
married  )  2.  Mary  Murray. 

VI*.  John  H.  Ferris  ;  married  Underhill. 

VI.    William  Livingston  Ferris  ;  bachelor. 

VI.  Charlton  Ferris ;  married    Anna  Seaman ; 

issue:  VII.  Charlton,  bachelor  and  VII. 

Anna,  spinster. 

*    Issue  ;  VII.  Anna  ;  married  Augustus  Tabor. 
IV.  Jonathan  Ferris,  of  New  York,  son  of  James 
and  Anna  Sands  ;  married  Ursula  Catlin  / 
issue  : 
V.  Alexander. 

V.  Dr.  Lyne ;  married  only  daughter  of  Jacob 
Drake ;  no  issue. 

V.  Judge  Valentine,  who  lived  in  Vermont. 

V.  Helen  ;  married  Dr.  Brayton. 

V.  John. 


V.  Charles. 

V.  Mortimer. 

V.  Edwin. 

V.  Martha. 

V.  Elmira  or  Elvira. 

IV.  Elizabeth  Ferris  ;  married  Dr.  Thomas  Cock  ; 


V.  Eliza;  married  James  B. Parsons,  of  Flushing, 

N.  Y. 
V.  Evely ;  married  Scott. 

V.  Ann  Augusta  ;  married  Edward  Willis. 

V.   Thos.  Ferris  Cock,    )  1.  Ann  Augusta  Wood, 
married,    twice  j  2.  Louisa  De  F.  Woodruff 
and  left  a  daughter,  Augusta  C.   Chapin, 
Wife  of  Joshua  L.  Chapin. 

Ferris  Seaman  Family. 

IV.  Anna  Ferris,  daughter  of  James,  son  of  John, 

married  Dr.  Valentine  Seaman  ;  had  issue. 

V.  Elizabeth  Seaman  ;  died  an  infant. 

V.  Dr.  William  Ferris  Seaman,  married  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  of  Isaac  Hicks,  and  had  two 
children,  who  died  in  infancy. 

V.  James  Valentine  Seaman,  married  Maria 
Wright,  daughter  of  Augustus  Wright. 

V.  John  Ferris  Seaman,  married  Anna  Drake;  no 

V.  Valentine  Seaman,  married  Ann  Amelia  Fer- 
ris, daughter  of  Elijah  Ferris,  his  cousin 

V.  Valentine  Seaman,  who  married  Ann  Amelia 
Ferris,  his  cousin;  had  issue  : 


VI.    Vernon  Seaman,  who  married  Mrs.  Gun. 
VI.  John  Ferris  Seaman,  who  married  Dr.  Yates 

VI.  Lindley  Ferris  Seaman  ;  bachelor. 
VI.  Fanny  L.  Seaman  ; 

VI.  Dr.     Louis    L.      Seaman;     married     Miss 

Fanny  B.  Freeman  ;  no  issue. 
VI.    Wm.  Kelly  Seaman  ;    deceased ;    no    issue. 

V.  James  Ferris,  second  son  of  James  and  Charity 

Thomas ;  was  born  June  10,  1763 ;  died 
March  4,  1832  ;  married  Sarah  Oakley ; 
born  August  7,  1771  ;  died  September  23, 
1856  ;  issue  : 

VI.  Ann  Eliza  Ferris  ;  born  June  10,  1791  ;  died 

April  18,  1877  ;  married  Alexander  J.  C. 

VI.  Dr.  Floyd  T.  Ferris  ;  born  April  6, 1793  ;  died 
November  6,  1855  ;  married  Cat7iarine 
Morton,  daughter  of  Dr.  Morton. 

VI.  James  Ferris  ;  born  September  29,  1795  ;  died 
August  13,  1869  ;  bachelor  ;  Alderman  6th 
Ward,  New  York  City. 

VI.  Henry  Ferris ;  born  August  29,  1797  ;  died 
January  16,  1840  ;  married  Hester  Living- 

VI.  Warren  Ferris ;  born  August  27,  1799  ;  left 
N.  Y.  for  Gibralter,  December  17.  1817  ; 
vessel  never  heard  from  ;  no  issue. 

VI.  Charity  Ferris  ;  born  January  10,  1802  ;  died 
December,  1873  ;  married  Captain  Philip 


VI.  Captain  Watson  Ferris  ;  born  July  28,  1804  ; 
died  Jnly  18,  1853,  of  Chagres  Fever  on 
Isthmus  of  Panama;  married  Sarah  Ward. 

VI.  Richard  Ferris  ;  born  August  18,  1806  ;  died 
November  29,  1866 ;  married  Christiana, 
called  Catherine  Coolce. 

VI.  Sarah  or  Sally  Ferris ;  born  June  11,  1808 ; 
died  September,  1889  ;  married  William 
H.  Hicks ;  no  issue. 

VI.  Claiborne  Ferris ;  born  June  17,  1811 ;  mar- 
ried Anna  Lamb  •  he  was  Clerk  of  Ward 
Courts  of  New  York  ;  he  is  alive  and  has 
no  children. 

Note. — Upon    information  taken  from  Family 
Bible  in  possession  of  Mrs.  Hamilton's  children. 

VI.  Ann  Eliza  Ferris,  daughter  of  James  2,  mar- 

ried Alexander  J.  C.  Hamilton ;  issue  : 

VII.  Sarah    Adeline    Hamilton,    married   Frank 

Smith  ;  issue  VIII  Alma. 
VII.  Helen  ;  unmarried. 

VII.  Alexander,  James  F.,  married  Elise  Char- 

lier ;  issue : 

VIII.  Heloise ;  married  Edward  Plummer. 

VIII.  Cranston  ;  married  Jennie 

VIII.  Lizzie  ;  married  Chas.  Commerford. 

VII.  Catharine,  married  Thomas  L.  Botts  ;  issue  : 

VIII.  Ella,  married  Henry  D.  Sickles  ;  issue  two 



VIII.  Thomas  ;  bachelor  ;  dead. 
VII.  Margaret  Loring  ;  unmarried. 
VII.  Henry  or  Harry  ;  bachelor  ;  dead. 

VI.  Dr.  Floyd  Ferris,  son  of  James  and  Sarah 

Oakley, married  Catharine  Morton,  daugh- 
ter of  Dr.  Morton ;  issue  : 

VII.  Andrew    Morton    Ferris,   married    Evelina 

Franklin  (daughter  of  Richard  L.  Frank- 
lin and  Evelina  Crary)  ;  issue : 

VIII.  Floyd  Ferris ;   born  N.  Y.  City  March  3, 

1857  ;  married  Bertha  Allen. 
VIII.  Lebnie  Ferris ;  unmarried. 

VII.  Warren    Ferris,    married    Jennie    Mather ; 

issue : 

VIII.  Catharine,  married  Clarence  Lexow,  N.  Y. 

State  Senator. 
VIII.    Warren;  bachelor. 
VIII.  Fs  telle  ;  unmarried. 
VII.  Sarah;  died  in  childhood. 
VII.  Frank  ;  bachelor  ;  dead. 

VI.  Charity  Ferris,  daughter  of  James  and  Sarah 

Oakley,   married  Captain  Philip   Wood- 
house  ;  issue : 

VII.  Anna  B.  Woodhouse ;  unmarried. 

VII.  James  Woodhouse;  bachelor. 


VII.  Phillip  Woodhouse,  married  Beekman. 

VII.  Sarah  Woodhouse,  married  John  Colquitt ; 
issue  VIII  Louis  ;  VIII  Natalie  V  ;  VIII 
Noella ;  VIII  Anna  Ward  ;  Natalie  V. 
Colquitt  m.  J.  D.  Gould. 

VII.  Claiborne  Woodhouse. 

VII.  Elizabeth  Woodhouse ;  unmarried. 

VI.  Henry  or  Harry  Ferris,  third  son  of  James 

and  Sarah  Oakley,  married  Hester  Living- 
ston, daughter  of  ;  issue, 

VII.  Henry,   Jr.,   married  Sarah  M. 
Bishop,  daughter  of 
issue:  VIII;  Anna  Gertrude. 
VIII.  Claiborne. 
VIII.  Hester. 
VIII.  Catharine. 
VIII.  Natalie. 
VIII.  Gilbert. 
VIII.  Margaret. 

VI.  Captain    Watson  Ferris,  son  of  James  and 
grandson  of  James  and  Charity  Thomas  ; 
died  at  Panama ;   married  Sarah  Ward  ; 
issue  : 

VII.  Sarah    0.    Ferris    married    James   D.    Mc- 


VII.  Henry  or  Harry  Ferris  married  Elvira  C. 
Caswell ;  issue  :  VIII.  Lilian  Maude. 

VII.  Emily  M.  Ferris  married  James  B.  Lang. 

VII.  Annie  L.  Ferris  married  John  W.  Gardiner. 

VII.    William  Hicks  Ferris  ;  died  bachelor. 


VII.  Lizzie  Ferris  married  Dr.  Adolph  Verona. 
VII.  Sarah  O.  Ferris  married  J.  D.  McConochie  : 
issue  : 

VIII.  Watson  Ferris  married 
VIII.  Elvira  Caswell,  unmarried. 
VIII.  Henry  ;  bachelor. 
VIII.  Sarah  married    Warren    Ferris, 
son  of  Richard. 

VIII.  Sarah  Ferris  (nee)  McConochie, 
marrried  Warren  Ferris  ;  issue  : 
IX.  Effie  McConochie  Ferris. 
IX.  Catharine  Fiske         " 
IX.  Richmond 

VIII.  Watson  Ferris,  first  son  of  Sarah 
Ferris  and  J.  D.  McConochie, 
married  ;  issue  : 

IX.  James  and  IX.  Watson,  both 
died  in  childhood. 

VII.  Emily  M.  Ferris,  daughter  of  Capt.  Watson 

Ferris  ;  married  James  B.  Lang  ;  issue  : 

VIII.  William  Watson  Lang. 
VIII.  Julia  Stewart  Lang. 
VIII.  Florence  Malcolm  Lang. 

VII.  Annie  L.  Ferris,  daughter  of  Capt.  Watson 

Ferris  ;  married  John  W.  Gardiner  ;  issue  : 

VIII.  Claiborne  Ferris  Gardiner. 

VIII.  Mable  Gardiner ;  married  Lieut.  Benj.  B. 
Hyer,  6th  U.  S.  Cavalry. 


VI.  Richard  Ferris,    son  of  James  and  Sarah 

Oakley  ;  married  Catherine  Cooke  ;  issue  : 

VII.  Floyd  Ferris  ;  died  an  infant. 
VII.  Edward;  married  Etta. 

VII.   Virginia  Albertine ;  died  in  childhood. 
VII.  Georgette ;  married  John  H.  McOee. 
VII.  Lilias  ;  married  Geo.  H.  Jones. 
VII.    Warren  ;  married  Sarah  McConnochie. 
VII.  Richard ;  died  an  infant. 
VII.  James  ;  died  an  infant. 

V.  David    Ferris,   fourth    son     of    James    and 

Charity  Thomas  ;  married  three  times  ;  one 
of  his  wives  was  Ann  Ferris,  daughter  of 
Benjamin  Ferris  ;  issue : 

VI.  Cornell,    of    Westchester ;    died  1845 ;    mar- 

ried Elizabeth  Jones. 
VI.  Edward;  bachelor. 

VI.  ;  married  Meyer, 

VI.  Ann  Ferris  ;  married  James  Daly. 
VI.  Jennette  :  married  Jacob  Stinnard. 

VI.  Cornell ;  married  Elizabeth  Jones  ;  issue : 

VII.  Ann  Eliza. 
VII.  George. 
VII.  John. 
VII.  Charlotte. 
VII.  Mary. 

VII.  James. 
VII.  Morris. 


VII.    William. 
VII.  Edgar. 
VII.  Sarah. 

V.  Thomas  Ferris,  son  of  James  and  Charity 
Thomas  hero  with  Harvey  Birch  and 
County  Clerk  of  Westchester  County ; 
married  Mary  A.  Banks  ;  issue  : 

VI.  Samuel  Ferris,  of  Northcastle ;  married 
Hetty  Guion. 

VI.  Harriet. 

VI.  Margaret ;  married  John  Harris. 

VI.  Anne  ;  married Cliff. 

VI.  Deborah  ;  married 

VI.  Catharine  ;  married  John  Guion. 

VI.  Maria. 

V.  Abigail    Ferris,    daughter    of    James     and 
Charity  Thomas  ;  married  Captain   David 
Harrison  ;  issue : 
VI.  Thomas  H.  Harrison ;  married  Hannah  Hew- 
lett of  Cold  Spring,  L.  I. 

VI.  David  Harrison ;  married  Mary  Conclclin  of 
New  Rochelle. 

VI.  Thomas  H.  Harrison  ;  married  Hannah  Hew- 

lett ;  issue  : 

VII.  Abigail  Ann  ;  married  William  H.   White ; 

issue  : 

VIII.   Thomas  H;  bachelor  ;  dead. 
VIII.  William  H.;  bachelor. 
VIII.  James  Cameron. 

VII.  Harriet ;   married  John  Hewlett ;   no  issue  ; 

VI.  David    Harrison ;    married    Mary    Concklin  ; 

issue  : 

VII.  Mary. 

VII.  David  m. ;  issue  : 

VIII.  Frank  Harrison. 

V.  Anne  Ferris,  daughter  of  James  and  Charity 
Thomas  ;  married  Hon.   Philip    Pell ;   no 

issue : 

Hon.  Philip  Pell  was  a  widower  with  one  son, 
Philip,  when  he  married  Anne  Ferris  who  survived 
him.  Judge  Advocate  General  Pell  presided  at 
the  trial  of  Major  Andre. 

V.  George  Ferris,  fifth  and  youngest  son  of  James 

and  Charity  Ferris  ;  died  March  11,  1841, 
age  66  ;  he  married  Catharine  Post,  who 
survived  him  ;  issue  : 

VI.  Thomas  Tliomas,  heir  of  Thomas  estate,  Harri- 

son, Westchester  Co. ;  he  married  twice ; 

first  wife    ;  second  wife,   


VI.  Oscar;   proprietor     of    Homestead,    Throggs 

VI.  Catharine ;  married  James  B.  Maclay. 


IV.  Sands  Ferris,  son  of  James  Ferris  and  Anna 

Sands  ;  married  Susan  Potter  ;  issue  : 

V.  Benjamin  Ferris,  married  twice  ;  first,  Caroline 

Par  shall ;  second,  

V.   Thomas  Ferris,  bachelor. 

V.  Elizabeth  Ferris,   married  twice ;  first,   John 

Wh  itfield  ;  second,  John  Wilmott. 
V.  Sally  Ann;  married  Capt.  Charles   White ;  no 

V.  Amelia  Ferris  ;  married  Juan  Antonio  Rasines 

of  Spain,  May  29,  1841. 

V.  Benjamin  Ferris  ;  who  married  twice  ;  issue: 

VI.  William  H.  Ferris. 
VI.  Caroline. 

VI.  Charles. 

V.  Amelia  Ferris,  daughter  of  Sands  Ferris* 
son  of  James  and  Anna  Sands  ;  born 
July  8,  1812  ;  married  Juan  Antonio  Ra- 
sines, of  Laredo,  Spain  ;  issue  living  : 

VI.  P.  Antonio  Rasines,  b.  Mar.  22,  1847,  one  of 
the  publishers  of  this  book  married  Ada 
VV.  Jex,  daughter  of  Josiah  Jex. 

VI.  Amelia  Romana  Rasines  ;  b.  Nov.  28,  1851 ; 
married  Thomas  E.  D.  Power;  second 
Charles  Rogers. 

VI.  P.  Antonio  Rasines  ;  married  Ada  W.  Jex  ; 
has  been  a  School  Trustee  of  New  York 
City  for  twelve  years  ;  issue  living  : 

VII.  A.  Manuela  Rasines  ;  unmarried  ;  b.  Oct.  20, 



VII.  Gutter  Antonio  Rasines ;  b  Feb.  18,  1871. 
VI.  Amelia  Romana    Rasines ;  married   Thos. 
E.  D.  Poioer ;  issue  by  him  . 
VII.  Edward  Ormond  Power  ;  bachelor. 
VII.  Dudley  Pierce  Power. 
VII.  Juan  Antonio  Power. 

V.  Benjamin    Ferris,   son  of    Sands ;  married 

Catharine  Talman  ;  issue  : 

VI.  William  ;  married  Maria  F.  Cowdray. 
VI.  Ann  Ferris  ;  married  Capt.  Wm.  Bowne. 
VI.  Eliza  Ferris  ;  married   Capt.  Nathan  Haw- 

VI.  John  ;  bachelor. 

VI.  Cornwall  Ferris  ;  married  Mary  Arthur,  of 

VI.  Cornwall  Ferris  ;  son  of  Benjamin  ;  married 

Mary  Arthur  ;  issue  : 
VII.  Benjamin  ;  bachelor. 
VII.  Charles  ;  married  Alice  Stansfield. 
VII.  Ann  Eliza  ;  unmarried  ;  dead. 
VII.  Arthur  ;  married  Elizabeth  Sprunt. 
VII.  Cornwall  ;   bachelor.     Cornwall  Ferris   died 

Aug.  14,  1864,  age  59  years.     See  Family 

Bible  in  possession  of  Chas.  Ferris. 
VII.  Edward  ;  bachelor  ;  died  Dec.  17,  1878  ;  age 

20  years. 

VI.    William  H.  Ferris,  son  of  Benjamin  ;  mar- 
ried Maria  F.  Cowdray  ;  issue  : 

VII.  Harvey  ;  married  Alice  Chapin  ;  issue  : 


VIII.  Harrold  C.  Ferris. 
VII.    Wm.  H.  Ferris  (widower) ;  no  issue. 
VII.  Josephine;  married  Spencer   H.   Coon;  no 

VI.  Eliza  Ferris,  daughter  of  Benjamin,   mar- 
ried Capt.  N.  Hawkins  ;  issue  : 

VII.  Edward  Quesnel ;  died  an  infant. 

VII.  Ann ;  unmarried  ;  dead. 

VII.  Adelaide:  m.  Augustus  Cutter;  no  issue. 

VI.  Ann   Ferris  ;  daughter  of  Benjamin  ;  mar- 
ried Capt.  Wm.  Bourne ;  issue  : 
VII.    William  ;  married  Emma  Stebbins. 
VII.  Ann  ;  married  Dr.  Wm.  H.  Maxwell. 
VII.  George;  bachelor. 
VII.  Catharine;  unmarried. 
VII.  Benjamin  ;  bachelor. 

VII.  Charles  Ferris,  son  of  Cornwall,  son  of  Ben- 
jamin ;  married  Alice  Stansjleld ;    issue  : 
VIII.  Charles  Vincent;  bachelor. 
VIII.  Arthur  Talman  ;  bachelor. 
VIII.  May  Alice  :  married  Wm.  J.  Boherty. 
VIII.  Percy  ;  dead  ;  no  issue. 
VIII.  Leila.  Adelaide  ;  unmarried. 

VII.  Arthur  Ferris,  son  of   Cornwall ;  married 
Elizabeth  Sprunt ;  issue  : 

VIII.  Margaret  Gertrude  ;  unmarried. 


VIII.  Avis  Anna  ;  dead . 

VIII.  Isabella  Barnes  ;  unmarried. 

V.  Hon.  Edward  Ferris,  third  son  of  James,  oc- 

cupant of  "  The  Homestead  "  at  Throgs 
Neck,  died  January  8th,  1820,  of  blood 
poisoning,  aged  52  years.  He  married 
Elizabeth  Goadsby,  daughter  of  Sir  Thomas 
Goadsby  of  England.  She  died  February 
3,  1825,  aged  54  ;  they  left  : 

VI.  Hon.  Charles  G.  Ferris,  who  married  Cather- 
ine Youngs,  and 

VI.  Caroline  A.  Ferris,  who  married  Captain  John 
W.  Richardson.  Hon.  Edward  was  one  of 
the  founders  of  the  "Tammany  Society," 
and  also  with  Aaron  Burr,  one  of  the  found- 
ers of  the  Manhattan  Banking  Company. 
He  declined  the  nomination  as  Governor  of 
the  State  of  New  York  when  Gov.  Clinton 
was  a  candidate.  His  nomination  was 
equivalent  to  election,  but  as  Clinton 
wished  the  office  and  the  Hon.  Edward 
preferred  to  retain  his  fortune  to  spending 
it  in  office  in  entertaining,  he  declined  in 
Clinton's  favor,  and  Clinton  appointed 
him  State  Flour  Inspector,  with  a  hand- 
some salary  and  a  great  many  appoint- 

VI.  Hon.  Charles  G.  Ferris,  Alderman  of  the  4th 

Ward,  New  York  City,  1832-3  ;  member  of 
the  23d  and  27th  Congresses  of  the  United 
States  ;  married  Catharine  Youngs  ;  they 
had  one  daughter,  Caroline  A.  Ferris, 
named  after  his  only  sister,  Caroline  Adelia 
Ferris,    who     married     Capt.    John     W. 


Richardson.  This  Charles  introduced  the 
late  Napoleon  III.  to  President  Tyler,  and 
the  compiler's  mother  has  told  him  that 
she  frequently  dined  with  Napoleon  at  her 
Uncle  Charles'  house  on  Broadway,  oppo- 
site West  Washington  Place,  recently 
pulled  down.  Morse,  the  inventor  of  tele- 
graphy, stated  at  a  banquet  at  Delmonico's 
that  Hon.  Charles  G.  Ferris  enabled  him 
to  make  telegraphy  a  success  by  getting 
an  appropriation  from  Congress  for  the 
first  line  between  Baltimore  and  Wash- 
ington, and  without  his  great  aid  and  in- 
fluence telegraphy  might  not  have  been  in 
use  to  this  day.  The  erection  of  Fort 
Schuyler  was  due  to  Chas.  G.,  as  he  sug- 
gested its  necessity  and  obtained  the  ap- 
propriation.    He  died  June  4,  1848. 

VI.  Caroline  Adelia  Ferris,  only  daughter  of 
Hon.  Edward  Ferris  and  sister  of  Hon. 
Charles  G.  Ferris  ;  married  Captain  John 
W.  Richardson  and  had  the  following 
issue  : 

VII.  Ann  Richardson  ;  died  in  childhood. 

VII.  Elizabeth  F.  Richardson;  married  Dr.  Eugene 
Crowell.  See  Appleton's  Encyclopedia 
for  1895.  She  died  November  3,  1883, 
age,  65 ;  and  he  died  October  29th,  1895, 
aged  77  years. 

VII.  Margaret  Ann  Richardson ;  unmarried  ; 


VII.  Caroline  Adella  Richardson  ;  married  Win. 
H.  Brigham  ;  she  died  September,  1896  ; 
he  died  April,  1894. 

VII.  Emma  Adelaide  Richardson  ;  unmarried. 

VII.  Rosalie  Augusta  Richardson  ;  unmarried. 

VII.  Helen  King  Richardson  ;  married  Adams  C. 
Sumner  ;  he  died  December  11th,  1873. 

VII.  Catharine  Ferris  Richardson  ;  married  Wm. 
A.  Sutton  ;  she  died  March 

VII.  Edward  Wharton  Richardson ;  died  unmar- 
ried, August,  1856.  For  short  sketch 
of  Richardson  family  see  Appendix. 

VII.  Elizabeth  Frances  Richardson  ;  married  Dr. 

Eugene  Crowell,  son  of  Rev.  Seth  Crowell, 
March  1,  1842  ;  had  the  following  issue, 
seven  sons  and  two  daughters  : 

VIII.  Eugene  Wharton;  dead  (infant). 
VIII.  John  Francis  ;  dead  (infant). 

VIII.  Charles  Edward  Croioell,  counselor-at- 
law,  and  the  compiler  of  this  pamphlet ; 
married  Hattie  S.  Popham,  first  wife, 
and  Mary  S.  Clark,  second  wife. 

VIII.  Caroline  Frances  ;  dead  (infant). 

VIII.  Frank  Crowell ;  married  Caroline  Blau- 

VIII.  Harry  ;  dead  (infant). 

VIII.  Emma  Theresa  Crowell ;  married  John  T. 

VIII.  Clarence;  dead  (infant). 

VIII.  Edgar  Ferris  ;  dead  (infant). 


VII.  Caroline  A.  Richardson  ;  married  William 

H.  Brigham  ;  had  the  following  issue,  one 
son  and  four  daughters  : 

VIII.  William  H.    Brigham,   Jr. ;  infant;   dead. 
VIII.  Caroline  A.  Brigham ;  married  S.   Wally 


VIII.  Rosalie  A.    Brigham;    unmarried;    dead. 
VIII.  E.  Adelaide  Brigham;  married  Theodore 

VIII.  Lucy  ;  died  an  infant. 

VII.  Helen  King  Richardson  ;  married  Adams  C. 

Sumner,  of  Vermont  ;   had  the   following 
issue  : 

VIII.  Frances     Louise    Sumner,    who     married 

Ernest  W.  Ford. 
VIII.  Edward  Wharton  Sumner,  bachelor. 
VIII.  Caroline  Ferris  Sumner ;  about  to  marry 

Dr.  Wm.  Watkins  Belcher. 

VIII.  Adams  C.  Sumner,  Jr.-,  bachelor. 
VIII.   Helen  King  Sumner,   who    married    War- 
ren S.  Sillcocks,  Jr. 

VIII.  Charles  Edward  Crowell,  counselor  at  law, 
admitted  in  N.  Y.  and  N.  J.,  LL.  B.  Co- 
lumbia, &c. ;  the  compiler  of  this  pamph- 
let ;  married  first  Hattie  S.  Popham,  eldest 
daughter  of  the  late  William  H  Popham 
of  Scarsdale,  Westchester  County,  N.  Y., 
and  Sarah  Huldah  Spencer,  daughter  of 


Hon.  Mark  Spencer,  member  of  the  N. 

Y.  legislature  ;  issue,  two  sons  and  three 

daughters : 
IX.  Eugene  Crowell ;  minor. 
IX.  Edith  Crowell ;  minor. 
IX.  Hattie  Popham  Crowell ;  minor. 
IX.  Child  died  when  torn  ; 
IX.  Charles  E.  Crowell,  Jr.;  minor. 

Hattie  S.  died  February  16,  1893,  and  Charles  E. 
Crowell  married,  26th  April,  1895 ;  Mary  Smith 
Clark,  daughter  of  the  late  Thomas  Clark  and 
Elizabeth  Catherine  Housman  Smith  ;  no  issue. 

VIII.  Frank  Crowell,  B.  S.  N.  Y.  University  and 

LL.  B.  Columbia ;  married  Caroline  Blau- 
velt ;  issue  : 

IX.  Hubert ;  minor. 

VIII.  Emma  Theresa   Crowell,   married   John  T. 

Halliday,  only  son  of  Thos.  Alexander 
Halliday  of  Kirkudbright,  Scotland,  and 
Adelia  Booth  of  N.  Y. ;  counselor  at  law, 
LL.  B.  Columbia  ;  issue  : 

IX.  Elizabeth  Crowell  Halliday  ;  minor. 
IX.  John  Crowell  Halliday  ;  minor. 
IX.  Kenneth  Crowell  Halliday  ;  minor. 
IX.  Eugene  Crowell  Halliday  ;  minor. 

VIII.  Caroline  A.  Brigham;  married  S.  Wally 
Brown,  A.  B.  Amherst,  son  of  Dr.  Brown 
of  Brooklyn  ;  issue  : 


IX.  William  Brigliam  Brown  ;  bachelor. 
IX.  Elizabeth  F.  Brown  ;  unmarried. 

VIII.  E.  Adelaide  Brigliam;    married  Theodore 

Concklin,  son  of  Captain  Concklin  of  New 
Rochelle ;  issue : 

IX.  Theodore  Brigham  Concklin  ;  minor. 
IX.  Harold  Concklin  ;  minor. 

VIII.  Francis  Louise  Sumner,   married    Ernest 

Ford ;  issue  : 

IX.  Sumner  Ford,  minor. 
IX.  Helen  Ford,  " 
IX.  Donald  Ford, 

VIII.  Helen  K.  Sumner,  married  Warren  S.  Sill- 

cocks,  Jr.,  veteran  23rd  Regiment,  N.  GK, 
S.  N.  Y. ;  son  of  Warren  S.  Sillcocks  ;  issue  : 

IX.  Marjorie,  minor. 

VII.  Caroline  A.    Ferris,   only    child    of    Hon. 

Charles  Gr.    Ferris,    married  first,    Glover 
Clapham  ;  issue : 

VIII.  Glover  Clapham,  Jr. 

VIII.  Catherine,   married   Dr.  Edward  Clapham, 

her  cousin. 

Glover  Clapham  dying  she  married  Samuel 

Lewis  ;  issue  : 
VIII.  Caroline  Lewis,  unmarried. 
VIII.  Charlotte,  married  French. 

VIII.  Mary,  married  John  Oakley. 
VIII.  Henry;  bachelor. 
VIII.  Victoria;  unmarried. 



Receipt  of  John  Ferris. 

This  present  Testifieth  that  I  John  Ferris  in- 
habitant of  westchester  in  her  majesties  provence 
of  New  York  son  unto  Jeffre  ferris  of  greenwich  in 
ye  conntie  of  fairfield  in  her  majesties  collonie  of 
Connecticut  have  received  of  my  brother  peeter  feris 
&  Joseph  feris  &  James  feris  &  Jonathan  Lockwood 
of  ye  countie  &  collonie  above  sd.  as  they  we  were 
administrators  of  the  estate  of  my  deseased  Jeffere 
feris.  I  say  I  have  received  of  yon  all  singular 
every  part  persel  thin  or  things  which  willed  by 
to  nipe  by  a  fore  sd.  father  Jeffere  feris  &  do  by 
this  present  for  myself  my  heirs  an  sucsesers  aquit 
fulley  discharge  ye  above  named  parsons  there 
heirs  and  sucksesers  of  all  &  every  part  or  persell 
thing  or  thing  so  willed  to  me  so  testifie  which  of 
sd.  John  feris  do  hereunto  sett  to  my  hand  in 
greenwich  in  the  countie  above  sd.  in  ye  year  1705 
July  ye  16  day. 

signed  in  presents  of  us  witnesing 

Samuel  bets. 
Joseph  Marshall. 

book  1     Page  172 — Greenwich  land  Records. 


Copy  Will  of  John  Ferris. 

In  the  name  of  God,  Amen.  Ye  Ninth  Day  of  May 
in  ye  Year  of  Our  Lord  God  One  Thousand  Seaven 
Hundred  &  ffifteen,  I,  John  fferris  of  ye  Borrough 
&  Town  of  Westchester,  being  sick  &  weak  of  body 
but  of  perfect  mind  &  memory,  thanks  be  Given 
unto  God  Therefore,  calling  unto  mind  ye  mortal- 
ity of  my  body  &  Knowing  it  is  Appointed  for  all 
men  once  to  dye,  do  make  and  ordain  this  my  Last 
Will  &  Testament  in  mannor  &  fforme  ff  olio  wing, 
(that  is  to  say)  ffirst  &  Principally,  I  Give  my  soul 
into  ye  Hands  of  God  that  Gave  it  me  &  for  my 
Body  I  Commend  it  to  ye  Earth,  to  be  buried  in 
Christian  &  decent  manner  Hoping  att  ye  Gen- 
eral Resurrection  I  shall  receive  ye  same  again  by 
ye  mighty  Power  of  God,  And  as  Touching  suching 
worldly  Estate  Wherewith  it  has  pleased  God  to 
Bless  me  with,  I  dispose  of  in  mannor  and  fforme 
{following  (vizt.)  Imp.  I  give  &  bequeath  unto 
my  son  John  fferris  ffive  Shillings  &  to  my  other 
three  sons,  Samuel,  James  &  Jonathan  fferris  ye 
sume  of  ffive  shillings  a  piece  to  be  paid  to  Ym 
wthin  one  year  after  my  Decease  wch  sd  Legacies 
shall  be  paid  by  my  Executors  out  of  my  personal 
Estate.  Also  I  Will  &  bequeath  unto  my  son 
Peter  fferris  all  yt.  my  Houseing,  Out  House- 
ing  Barnes,  Stables,  Orchards,  Gardens, 
&c,  Together  with  my  ffive  home  Lotts  & 
all  &  singular  ye  meadows  lying  att  ye  Rear  of  sd 
Lott,  as  also  ye  Lott  of  Land  Lying  betwixt  ye 
Highway  yt  leads  to  Thomas  Haddens  Mill  &  ye 
Way  y t  leads  from  Brnnckes  to  Stoney  Brook  with 
a  fifty  Pound  Privilege  of  Common  idge.  And 
Also  all  yt  my  Land  at  Brunckes  Containing 
Seventy  ffour  Acres,  be  it  more  or  less  (But  be  it 


Provided  Always)  yt  there  shall  be  a  Rodd  Square 
ffree  for  all  ffriends  &  ffriendly  People  to  bury 
their  dead  in  ye  place  where  they  formerly  buryed 
without  any  Lett,  Hinderance  or  molestation  what- 
soever, And  Also,  I  do  Appoint  &  Order  yt  my  sd. 
son  Peter  or  his  Heirs  or  Assigns  shall  pay  or  cause 
to  be  paid  unto  my  two  Daughters  Pheby  Burlin  & 
Hannah  Mott  or  to  yir  Assigns  ye  full  and  just 
sumeof  Twenty  Pounds  a  piece  of  Current  money 
of  New  York,  in  mannor  and  fforme  ^following 
(vizt.)  Unto  Hannah  Mott  ye  sumeof  Twenty 
Pounds  within  One  Year  after  my  Decease  &  unto 
my  Daughter  Pheby  Burlin  Twenty  Pounds  wthin 
two  years  after  my  Decease,  and  if  it  should  so 
Happen  yt  either  of  my  sd  Daughters  Pheby 
Burlin  or  Hannah  Mott  should  Hap^pen  to  dye 
before  ye  receij)t  of  such  Legacies,  Then  my  Will 
&  mind  is  yt.  ye  Legacies  left  to  either  of  ym 
shall  be  Equally  Divided  Amongst  her  Children  yt 
should  so  happen  to  dye,  &  if  my  sd  son  Peter  or 
his  Heirs  or  Assigns  do  neglect,  Refuse  or  Delay 
to  pay  ye  Legacies  above  specified  to  my  sd.  Two 
Daughters  Pheby  &  Hannah,  Then  my  Will  and 
mind  is  yt  ye  Orchard  &  Meadow  adjoining 
to  ye  Lott  of  Richard  Ward  shall  be  sould 
by  my  Executors  so  farr  as  will  Extend  to  pay  ye 
same  wth  Charges  &  no  further  ;  And  my  Will  & 
mind  further  is  yt  my  sd  son  Peter  shall  not  sell 
or  dispose  of  any  parts  or  parcells  of  ye  Hon  sen 
Lands  or  Tenmnts  wthout  ye  consent  of  my 
Executors  or  any  two  of  ym,  And  also,  I  give  and 
bequeath  unto  my  son  Peter  fi'erris  all  yt  my  ffifty 
Acre  Lott  of  Land  Lying  in  Long  Reach  Lands  so 
called  (Provided  he  Defend  it  &  not  otherwways, 
&  if  in  case  my  sd  son  Peter  do  Deny  or  Refuse  to 
Defend  sd    Land,    yn    my  Will  &  mind  is  yt  it 


shall  be  disposed  of  by  my  Exr.  to  any  of  my 
Children  well  will  appear  to  Defend  ye  same  Gratis, 
&  my  Will  &  mind  further  is  yt  all  my  Debts  & 
ffuneral  Expenses  be  ffrst  paid  out  of  my  Personal 
Estate  by  my  Executors  Hereafter  named,  Then  my 
Will  and  mind  is  yt  my  beloved  wife  Grace  fferris 
shall  have  ye  Third  Part  of  all  my  personal  Estate 
both  wthin  doors  &  wthout,  &  all  ye  Rest  &  Resi- 
due of  my  Personal  Estate  to  be  devided  Amongst 
my  if  our  Daughters  (vizt)  Martha,  Pheby,  Hannah 
&  Sarah  And  I  Do  Nominate,  Authorize  &  Appoint 
my  three  sons  John,  James  &  Jonathan  to  be  my 
Executors,  &  in  trust  of  This  my  Last  Will  & 
Testament,  &  I  do  Revoke,  Disannull  &  make  Void 
all  fformer  Wills  by  me  made  &  this  my  Last  Will 
&  Testament  to  remain  in  ffull  fforce  &  virtue  In 
Witness  whereof,  I,  ye  sd  John  fferris,  Senr., 
Have  Hereunto  put  to  my  Hand  &  Seal  This  Ninth 
Day  of  May  in  ye  ffrst  Year  of  his  Majesties  Reign 
&  in  ye  Year  of  Our  Lord  One  Thousand  Seaven 
Hundred  &  ffifteen. 

Signed,  Sealed  &  Delivered,  Published  &  Declared 
in  the  presence  of  us  to  be  his  Last  Will  &  Testa- 

John  Ferris. 

(signed)  Jeremiah  Fowler, 
William  X  Guil. 

Dan' 11  Clark. 
William  Smith. 

Memorandum.  Yt  I  John  fferris,  Senr.  Testator 
to  this  my  Last  Will  &  Testament  Do  Give  ffull 
Power  &  Lawfull  Authority  to  my  Executors  men- 


tioned  in  this  my  Last  Will  &  Testament  To  sell  & 
Alionate  &  Dispose  off  all  yt  my  Land  &  Meadow 
Lying  upon  ye  Head  of  ye  Neck  to  ye  Highest 
Bidder  and  when  so  sold  to  pay  unto  my  Daughter 
Sarah  Twenty  ffive  Pounds  out  of  ye  money  &  ye 
Rest  to  be  disposed  of  Equally  Amongst  my  ffour 
Daughters,  Martha.  Pheby,  Hannah  &  Sarah.  In 
witness  Whereunto  I  Have  put  to  my  Hand  & 
Seal  This  Ninth  Day  of  May  in  ye  Year  Annog  Dm 

John  fferris. 

Signed  Sealed  &  Delivered 
in  the  presence  off  us 
C.  Glover. 
Underbill  Barnes. 
Raynard       House 
his  mark 

Dan'll  Clark. 

Copy  Will  of  Charity  Ferris. 

I  Charity  Ferris   of    the  Town  of  Westchester 
in  the  county  of  Westchester  being  at   this  time 


sick  and  weak  in  body,  but  of  sound  disposing 
mind  and  memory  think  it  proper  to  make  the 
following  disposition  and  distribution  of  my  tem- 
poral property  and  for  that  purpose  do  constitute 
and  ordain  this  to  be  my  last  will  and  Testament 
in  manner  and  form  following  that  is  to  say :  In 
the  first  place  I  order  and  direct  my  Executors 
hereinafter  named  and  appointed  to  sell  and  dis- 
pose of  in  their  discretion  either  at  publick  or  pri- 
vate sale  a  messuage  and  piece  or  parcel  of  land 
situate  on  Throgs  Neck  in  the  Township  and 
County  aforesaid  commonly  called  the  "Martin 
Place"  which  I  purchased  at  a  Sheriffs  sale  on 
execution  the  monies  arising  therefrom  to  con- 
sider as  assets  in  their  hands  for  the  purposes 
hereinafter  mentioned,  and  I  do  hereby  authorize 
them  and  the  survivors  and  survivor  of  them  to 
execute  sufficient  Grant  and  title  to  the  purchasor 
thereof  Secondly  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my 
daughter  An  Pell  and  to  her  assigns  $250 — to 
compensate  her  for  extraordinary  trouble  and  care 
in  the  management  of  my  own  and  her  Fathers 
property  as  and  Executrix  also  my  large  silver 
Tankard.  Thirdly  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my  son, 
Edward  Ferris  $250 — interest  for  his  wife  Eliza- 
beth to  be  laid  out  by  her  in  plate  at  her  discre- 
tion for  herself  and  her  children  after  her  death 
Also  a  good  feather  bed  bolster  and  pillows  to  my 
said  son  Edward  and  his  assigns  Fourthly  I  give 
and  bequeath  to  my  son  George  Ferris  and  his  as- 
signs one  other  good  Feather  Bed  Bolster  and  pil- 
lows Fifthly  I  give  to  my  son  James  Ferris 
and  to  his  assigns  $250 — also  five  cows  and  one 
score  of  sheep  out  of  my  share  of  stock  on  the 
farm     and     fodder       for     them     off     the     said 


farm,  until  the  next  growth  of  grass  after 
the  time  he  shall  be  entitled  to  re- 
ceive them.  Sixthly,  and  whereas  I  hold  an 
obligation  or  single-bill  against  my  son  Tliomas 
Ferris  for  the  principal  sum  of  £200  Dated  9th 
days  of  July  in  the  year  1785  in  which  a  consider- 
able sum  for  interest  is  Due,  now  if  my  said  son 
Thomas  Ferris  his  Heirs  Executors  or  Adminis- 
trators shall  pay  to  my  Executors  the  sum  of  $250 
in  Six  Months  after  my  decease  in  such  case  I  do 
hereby  release  the  said  obligation  to  my  said  son 
Thomas  &  to  his  heirs  executors  and  administrators, 
and  declare  the  same  to  be  void  and  Cancelled. 
Seventhly.  I  give  and  bequeath  to  by  daughter 
Abigail  Harrison  and  to  her  assigns  the  third 
choice  of  a  good  feather  bead  bolster  and  pillows 
and  also  my  smallest  silver  tankard  Eighthly  and 
whereas  I  hold  two  obligations  against  my  son 
David  Ferris  the  one  a  Penal  Bill  dated  the  17th 
day  of  May  1796  for  the  principal  sum  of  £120-9 
shillings  and  the  other  a  Single  Bill  Dated  the  3rd 
day  of  July  1797  for  principal  sum  of  £50  on  both 
of  which  considerable  sums  are  Due  for  interest 
if  my  said  son  David  Ferris  his  Heirs  Execu- 
tors or  Administrators  shall  pay  to  my  Executors 
the  sum  of  Two  hundred  and  fifty  dollars  in  six 
months  after  my  decease  in  that  case  I  also  release 
to  him  his  heirs  executors  and  administrators  the 
said  two  obligations  and  declare  the  same  to  be 
cancelled.  Ninthly  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my 
said  son  Daniel  Ferris  and  to  his  assigns  all  the 
remainder  of  my  share  of  the  stock  on  the  Farm 
not  hereinbefore  disposed  of  the  Farming  Utensils 
and  Crops  of  Grain  and  Hay  gathered  and  growing 
on    the    Farm    and    provisions  in    the  house  at 


the  time  of  my  decease  Tenthly  I  give  to 
my  granddaughter  Charity  daughter  of  my  said 
son  James  $50  to  be  lodged  in  his  hands  in  trust 
for  her  use.  Eleventhly  all  the  residue  and  re- 
mainder of  my  estate  I  give  and  bequeath  to  my 
two  daughters  Anne  Pell  and  Abigail  Harrison 
and  to  my  aforesaid  son  George  Ferris 
and  to  their  several  and  respective  assigns 
to  be  equally  divided  between  them  share  an 
share  alike  but  the  share  of  my  said  daughter 
Abigail  is  to  be  paid  to  herself  personally. 
Twelfthly  with  respect  to  my  slaves  it  is  my  wish 
and  desire  and  I  do  order  and  direct  that  they  be 
manumitted  and  liberated  in  the  manner  follow- 
ing my  wench  Phebe  is  to  be  free  immediately 
after  my  decease.  My  wench  Betty  and  her  in- 
fant child  Eliza  and  two  men  Elijah  and  Abraham 
are  to  remain  in  the  service  of  my  son  David  as 
usual  in  the  Farm  for  the  term  of  one  year  from 
the  time  of  my  decease  and  then  to  be  manumitted 
according  to  Law  but  if  the  Overseers  of  the  Poor 
for  the  Town  of  Westchester  shall  after  time 
refuse  to  manumit  them  as  the  Law  directs  then  I 
direct  my  Executors  to  do  it  in  such  way  as  they 
shall  judge  most  proper  so  that  they  may  be  act- 
ually free  My  boy  Israel  is  to  live  in  the  service 
and  employ  of  my  said  son  David  as  usual  on  the 
Farm  until  he  shall  be  twenty-one  years  of  age 
and  then  to  be  free.  ISthly  whereas  my  daughter 
Anne  Pell  hath  had  and  still  must  have  much  care 
and  trouble  as  an  executrix  in  the  management  of 
her  father's  estate  and  I  being  fully  satisfied  of  her 
having  discharged  her  duty  as  far  as  she  was  able 
I  myself  being  incapable  of  assisting  her,  do  for 
the  sake  of  preserving  peace  and  good  will  among 
my  children  after  my  death  desire  that  they  may 


be  also  satisfied  with  her  conduct  and  come  to  ami- 
cable settlements  with  her  bnt  if  any  of  my 
children  who  are  legatees  in  the  will  of  their  father 
shall  cause  vexation  in  law  or  otherwise  to  my 
said  daughter  Anne  Pell  as  an  executrix  aforesaid 
in  the  settlement  of  his  or  her  share  of  the  es- 
tate in  such  case  I  do  order  and  direct  my 
executors  to  withhold  and  retain  what- 
ever may  be  given  by  this  my  will  to 
any  or  either  of  my  children  from  such 
child  and  his  or  her  assigns  who  shall  cause  vexa- 
tion or  lawsuit  and  distribute  the  same  anions: 
the  other  legatees  share  and  share  alike 

And  lastly  I  nominate  constitute  and  appoint  my 
daughter  Anne  Pell  Executrix  and  my  sons  Ed- 
ward and  George  Ferris  Executors  of  this  my  last 
Will  and  Testament  hereby  revoking  all  others  be- 
fore this  time  made  by  me.  In  Witness  Whereof  I 
have  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  seal  the  9th  day  of 
September  in  the  year  1807  Signed  sealed  pub- 
lished and  declared  by  the  said  Charity  Ferris  as 
and  for  her  last  Will  and  Testament  in  the  pres- 
ence of  us  the  subscribers  who  subscribed  our 
names  as  witnesses  thereto  in  her  presence  and  in 
the  presence  of  each  other 

Charity  Ferris    [l  s] 

James  Briggs 

James  Oakley 

Johx  Brewer 


Story  of  the  Occupation   of  the  Homestead 
by  Lord  Howe. 

The  family  (James  Ferris  and  family)  happened 
to  be  at  breakfast  on  the  morning  of  the  12th  of 
October,  1776,  when  a  gun  from  the  British  flag- 
ship announced  the  disembarcation  of  the  British 
troops  on  Throckmorton's  or Throgg's  Neck;  this 
signal  was  immediately  answered  by  the  enemy's 
shipping,  which  lay  at  anchor  between  City  Island 
and   Throgg's  Neck.     On  the    next  day  General 
Lord  Howe,  supposing  that  he  had  been  deceived 
by  his  guides  and  landed  upon  an  island,  sum- 
moned them  before  a  board  of  officers.     As  they 
entered  he  struck  the  table    violently  with    his 
sword  and  demanded  in  a  threatening  manner  how 
they  could  dare  to  deceive  him.     After  a  proper 
explanation  had  been  made  he  solemnly  declared 
he  would  hang  every  one  of  them  unless  conducted 
safe  from  the  present  position.     The  retreat  was 
ultimately  affected  by  a  bridge  of  boats.     James 
Ferris  was  subsequently  captured  by  the  Queen's 
Rangers  and  removed  to  the  New  York  Provost 
(the  old   Sugar  House). — Extract    from  Bolton's 
History  of  Westchester,  Vol.    II,   pp.   415-16-17. 
I  am  told  James  Ferris  died  February  25,  1780,  at 
the  age  of  56 ;  his  wife  Charity  died  July,  1809, 
aged  75.     James  Ferris  did    not  die  in  the  old 
Sugar  House,  now  the  site  of  the  Mutual  Life 
Building,  New  York  City,  but  was  brought  home 
with  his   health  ruined  for  life,  and  died  at  his 
home  on  Throgg's  Neck  three  years  afterward.     I 
am  also  told  that  Lord  Howe  occupied  the  home- 
stead for  some  time.    It  is  said  that  during  the  occu- 
pancy of  the  homestead  by  Lord  Howe  that  at  the 
first  opportunity  the  daughters  were  rowed  across 


the  sound  in  the  night  by  a  negro  slave  to  their 
Uncle  Floyd's  so  as  to  take  them  out  of  harm's 
way.  There  is  no  doubt  that  Charity  Ferris,  the 
wife  of  James,  who  remained  in  the  homestead  dur- 
ing the  occupancy  of  Lord  Howe  did  as  much  for 
the  American  cause  as  any  woman  during  the 
Revolution.  She  was  thoroughly  loyal  and  a 
woman  of  great  ability.  She  caused  a  colored  boy, 
one  of  the  slaves  of  the  family,  to  wait  upon  Lord 
Howe  and  his  officers,  and  instructed  him  to  listen 
to  every  word  they  said,  as  he  was  extremely 
stupid  in  appearance,  no  attention  was  paid  to 
his  presence  and  he  was  able  to  repeat  many  valu- 
able utterances.  Mrs.  Ferris  taught  him  to  learn 
what  he  was  to  tell  by  heart,  so  in  case  he  was 
searched  nothing  incriminating  could  be  found.  This 
information  so  learned  was  promptly  transmitted 
to  General  Washington  at  White  Plains  and  found 
very  useful  to  him.  This  slave  was  in  the  habit 
of  running  errands  for  the  officers  to  the  village  to 
buy  things  and  used  to  meet  there  one  of  Washing- 
ton's  aide  de  camp  and  it  became  a  great  source  of 
wonderment  to  Lord  Howe  as  to  how  Washington 
was  found  usually  posted  beforehand  as  to  his 
movements.  A  record  of  a  greater  part  of  this 
story  may  be  read  in  "  A  History  of  Westchester 
County  from  its  First  Settlement  to  the  Present 
Time,"  Vol.  II.,  pp.  234-5. 

It  was  through  the  intercession  of  Charity  Ferris 
that  her  husband  managed  to  die  at  home  though 
his  sufferings  were  such  in  the  Sugar  House  that 
he  survived  but  a  few  years. 


In  the  Name  of  God  Amen  : 

I,  Jonathan  Ferris,  of  the  Town  of  Cortlandt, 
in  the  County  of  Westchester,  and  State  of  New- 
York,  being  in  a  poor  state  of  health,  but  of  a  per- 
fect mind,  and  memory  blessed  be  God  therefor, 
do  this  day  make  and  publish  this  my  last  Will 
and  Testament,  in  the  manner  and  form  following, 
that  is  to  say  : 

Imprimis  :  I  commend  my  soul  into  the  hands 
of  Almighty  God  who  gave  it  me  and  my  body  to 
the  Earth  from  whence  it  came,  to  be  decently 
buried  in  hope  of  a  joy  full  reserection  this  the 
merrits  of  my  Saviour  Jesus  Christ  and  as  for  that 
world  estate  wherewith  it  has  pleased  God  to  bless 
me  with,  I  dispose  thereof  in  the  manner  and  form 
as  followeth  : 

First. — I  give  to  my  wife  Elizabeth  five  shil- 

Item. — I  give  unto  eldest  son  Joseph  Ferris,  one 
equal  third  of  all  the  farm  of  land  where  I  now 
live  on  which  I  purchased  of  David  Runnold,  con- 
taining about  one  hundred  and  five  acres  unto  him 
the  said  Joseph  Ferris,  to  his  heirs  and  assignes 
forever,  and  I  also  give  unto  him  the  said  Joseph 
Ferris,  his  heirs  and  assignes  two  silver  table 

7",  Imprimis :  I  give  and  bequeath  unto  my 
three  grand-sons  namely,  Jonathan  Ferris,  David 
Ferris  and  Caleb  D.  Ferris,  sons  of  Caleb  D.  Fer- 
ris, deceased,  one  other  third  equal  part  of  all  the 
farm  of  lands  and  improvements  where  I  now 
live  on  which  I  pirchased  of  David  Runnolds 
imto  the  said  Jonathan  Ferris,  David  Ferris,  Caleb 


D.  Ferris,  to  be  equally  divided  to  them  their  heirs 
and  assignes  forever. 

I,  Imprimis. — I  give  unto  my  son  Joshua  Ferris, 
the  one  other  third  part  of  the  farm  of  land  where 
I  now  live  on  containing  about  one  hundred  and 
five  acres  of  land  unto  him  the  said  Joshua  Ferris 
to  his  heirs  and  assignes  forever.  And  I  also  give 
unto  my  son  Joshua  Ferris,  two  silver  table  spoons. 

I,  Imprimis. — I  give  unto  my  son  Benjamin 
Ferris,  about  forty  acres  of  land  which  I  purchased 
of  the  Kronkhyt  and  Elijah  Drake,  unto  him  the 
said  Benjamin  Ferris  to  his  heirs  and  assignes  for- 
ever, agreeable  to  a  deed  of  gift  which  I  gave  him 
reference  being  to  the  county  records  will  more  and 
at  apear. 

I,  Imprimis. — I  give  unto  my  son  Jonathan 
Ferris  forty-nine  acres  and  one-half  of  land  and 
buildings  which  were  purchased  of  Gretia  Lent, 
bounded  on  the  west  on  the  lands  of  Hannah  Mon- 
tross,  on  the  south  on  the  land  of  Abraham  Mon- 
tross  and  others ;  on  the  east  on  the  lands  of 
Augustus  Taylor  s  and  on  the  north  on  the  Cromb- 
pond  road  unto  him  the  said  Jonathan  his  heirs 
and  assignes  forever,  agreeable  to  a  deed  of  gift 
referance  beiDg  had  to  the  county  records  will  more 
and  fully,  and  at  large  appear,  and  also  I  give 
unto  my  son  Jonathan  Ferris,  fifty  acres  of  land 
lying  and  being  in  Cortlandt  Town  in  lot  No.  six 
which  were  purchased  of  John  Watt's,  Esq.,  of  the 
City  of  New  York  unto  him  the  said  Jonathan 
Ferris  to  his  heirs  and  assigns  forever,  I  also  give 
unto  my  son  Jonathan  Ferris  his  heirs  and  assigns 
one  cow,  and  one  yearling  mare  colt,  two  yearling 
steers,  five  sheep,  and  two  silver  table  spoons,  and 
four  volumes  of  Blackstone's  Commentaries  to  him 


the  said  Jonathan  Ferris  his  heirs  and  assigns.  I 
give  unto  my  son  Peter  Ferris  five  shillings. 

I,  Imprimis. — I,  Item. — I  give  unto  my  daughter 
Sarah  the  wife  of  Richard  Curry,  five  shillings  she 
having  already  had  her  portion. 

Item. — I  give  unto  my  daughter  Susannah,  the 
wife  of  Smith  Jones  five  shillings  to  her  heirs  and 

Item. — I  give  unto  my  daughter  Deborah  the 
wife  of  Benjamin  Drake  five  shillings  to  her  heirs 
and  assigns. 

Item. — I  give  unto  my  daughter  Phebe  the  wife 
of  Henry  Lounsberry  five  shillings. 

Item. — Unto  my  grand-son  Caleb  Drake,  son  of 
Benjamin  Drake  fifty  pounds  to  be  paid  unto  him 
his  heirs  and  assigns  by  my  executor  s  when  he 
shall  arrive  to  the  age  of  twenty-one  years. 

Item. — I  give  unto  my  grand-daughter  Rachel 
Jones  daughter  of  Smith  Jones  fifty  pounds  to  be 
paid  her  heirs  or  assigns  by  my  executors  when 
she  shall  arrive  to  the  age  of  twenty,  or  marry,  or 
that  may  first  happen. 

I.  I.  Imprimis. — I  give  unto  my  grand-son,  Ben- 
jamin Lounsberry  son  of  Henry  Lounsberry  one 
hundred  and  twenty-five  dollars,  to  be  paid  him 
his  heirs  or  assigns  by  my  executors  when  he  shall 
arrive  at  the  age  of  twenty-one  years. 

Item. — I  give  unto  my  daughter  Elizabeth  one 
cubbord  which  were  brought  from  Bedford  last  to 
her  heirs. 

Item. — I  give  unto  my  daughter  Rebecca  two 
hundred  and  fifty  dollars  to  be  paid  her  by  my 
executors  when  she  shall  arrive  at  the  age  of 
twenty  or  marry  or  that  which  may  first  happen. 


Item.— I  give  unto  my  daughter  PJiaime  Ferris 
three  hundred  and  seventy-five  dollars  to  be  raised 
out  and  from  my  moveable  estate  by  my  executors 
and  paid  to  her  heirs  or  assigns  when  she  shall  ar- 
rive to  the  age  of  twenty,  or  marry  or  that  which 
may  first  happen. 

I  give  and  bequeath  all  the  remainder  of  my  real 
and  personal  estate  that  I  have  not  given  away  in 
the  following  (to  wit)  one-fifth  part  unto  my  son 
Joseph  Ferris,  and  one-fifth  part  to  my  three 
grandsons,  viz:  Jonathan  Ferris,  David  Ferris, 
and  Caleb  Ferris,  sons  of  Caleb  D.  Ferris  deceased, 
and  one  other  fifth  part  to  my  son  Joshua  Ferris, 
one-fifth  part  unto  my  son  Benjamin  Ferris,  and  the 
one  other  fifth  Dart  to  my  son  Jonathan  Ferris  and 
to  their  heirs  severally  and  to  their  assigns  forever 
and  my  will  is  that  my  executors  take  the  charge 
of  all  the  land  which  is  in  lot  No.  six  for  the  use 
of  firewood  for  the  use  of  the  said  farm  about  said 
dividing  the  term  of  eleven  years  notwithstanding, 
and  I  do  constitute  and  appoint  my  son  Benjamin 
Ferris,  Benjamin,  Ward  and  Samuel  Fields,  to  be 
my  executors  to  this  my  will  and  testament  with 
full  power  and  authority  to  dispose  of  my  move- 
able estate  agreeable  to  the  intent  thereof  and  I  do 
dis-annul  all  former  wills  made  or  done  by  me. 

In  testimony  whereof  I,  the  Jonathan  Ferris, 

have  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  fixed  my  seal  this 

twenty-third  day  of  February,  in  the  year  of  Our 

Lord  one  thousand  seven  hundred  and  ninety-eight. 

Jonathan  Ferris,     [l.  s.] 

Signed  and  sealed  in  presence  of  us,  William 
Lent,  James  Lent,  John  Lent. 


Chancellor  Ferris. 

Early  in  the  seventeenth  century,  John  Ferris 
coming  from  Leicestershire,  England,  settled  in 
Fairfield,  Connecticut,  and  later  became  one  of  the 
proprietors  of  Throckmorton's  Neck,  in  West- 
chester County,  New  York.  His  great  grandson, 
Captain  John  Ferris,  was  the  father  of  Isaac  Ferris, 
who  was  born  in  the  City  of  New  York,  on  the  9th 
day  of  October,  1798.  He  was  prepared  for  college 
by  the  celebrated  blind  classical  teacher,  Professor 
Nelson.  He  graduated  from  Columbia  College  in 
the  class  of  1816,  having  as  classmates  Frederick 
de  Peyster,  John  Ireland,  James  W.  Eastburn  and 
Richard  Codman. 

He  immediately  became  Instructor  in  Latin  in 
the  Albany  Academy.  Deciding  to  devote  himself 
to  the  ministry,  he  entered  the  Theological  Semi- 
nary, graduating  in  1820.  After  a  short  time  spent 
as  a  missionary  in  the  Mohawk  Valley,  he  was 
offered  a  position  in  the  Theological  Seminary  to 
succeed  Dr.  John  M.  Mason,  but  instead  accepted 
a  call  to  the  pastorate  of  the  Dutch  Church,  at 
New  Brunswick,  N.  J.  In  1822,  he  was  elected  a 
Trustee  of  Queen's,  now  Rutgers  College.  In 
October,  1824, he  became  pastor  of  the  Middle  Dutch 
Church  at  Albany,  and  continued  there  for  twelve 
years.  In  1833,  he  received  the  degree  of  D.  D. 
from  Union  College,  and  in  1853,  that  of  LL.  D. 
from  Columbia  College.  In  1836,  was  called  to  the 
Market  Street  Church,  then  the  most  fashionable 
church  in  the  aristocratic  old  7th  Ward  of  New 
York  City. 

Dr.  Ferris  Avas  one  of  the  corporate  members  of 
the  American  Board  of  Foreign    Missions.     The 


large  girls'    school  in  Yokohama  has  been  named 
Ferris  Seminary  in  his  honor. 

In  1840,  he  became  connected  with  the  American 
Bible  Society.  Dr.  Ferris  was  largely  instrumental 
in  organizing  the  Young  Men' s  Christian  Associ 
ation  of  New  York.  Rutgers  Female  Seminary, 
later  Rutgers  Female  College,  one  of  the  first 
institutions  to  afford  higher  education  for  women, 
was  planned  and  established  by  Dr.  Ferris. 

In  1852,  by  unanimous  vote,  he  was  chosen  Chan- 
cellor of  the  University  of  New  York.  He  found 
the  University  at  the  lowest  possible  ebb,  over- 
whelmed with  debt,  with  no  means,  and  a  mere 
handful  of  students.  With  his  rare  executive  ability 
and  by  great  personal  effort,  he  put  the  college  on 
its  feet,  paid  its  debts,  secured  for  it  a  liberal 
endowment,  and  left  it  a  prosperous  institution. 
In  1870,  Dr.  Ferris  retired  from  active  duty  at  the 
University,  and  became  Chancellor  Emeritus.  He 
removed  to  Roselle,  N.  J.,  where  he  ended  an  active 
and  useful  life  on  the  16th  of  June,  1873. 

Dr.  Ferris  was  tall,  of  very  large  frame,  and 
great  dignity  of  manner.  He  was  a  man  of  great 
benevolence  and  amiability.  In  his  intercourse 
with  his  parishioners,  he  was  genial  and  sympa- 
thetic. He  was  eminent  as  a  scholar,  and  of  untir- 
ing industry,  and  was  much  beloved  by  all  who 
knew  him. 


Richardson  Family. 

Ann  Wharton;  married  Rev>.  Andrew  Richard- 
son, who  was  born  at  Berwick  on  the  Tweed. 
He  was  a  Presbyterian  minister.  He  moved  to 
New  London,  Connecticut,  and  had  issue  : 

John  W.  Richardson,  who  married  Caroline  A. 

Margaret  Ann  Richardson,  who  died  unmarried. 
Frances  Richardson,  who  died  young. 

Thomas  Family. 

Honorable  John  TJiomas,  father  of  Charity 
Thomas,  wife  of  James  Ferris  of  Throgg's  Neck 
(1775)  and  also  father  of  General  Thomas  Thomas, 
was  one  of  the  first  persons  who  purchased  land  in 
Harrison,  Westchester  County,  N.  Y.  He  was  the 
eldest  son  of  the  Rev.  John  TJiomas,  for  many 
years  rector  of  St.  George's  Church,  Hempstead, 
Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (1705) ;  died  1727.  Hon.  John 
Thomas,  who  was  the  eldest  son  of  the  Rev. 
John  Thomas,  was  the  first  judge  of  the 
Colonial  Court  of  Common  Pleas  of  Westchester 


County  and  for  many  years  (1743  to  1776)  repre- 
sentative in  the  General  Assembly  of  the  Province, 
representing  the  County  of  Westchester.  He  was 
a  warm  Whig  and  took  an  active  part  in  the  scenes 
which  preceded  the  Revolution  and  on  which  ac- 
count was  particularly  obnoxious  to  the  enemy. 
He  was  seized  in  his  bed  by  a  party  of  British 
troops  on  Sunday  morning,  March  22d,  1777,  and 
taken  to  New  York,  where  he  was  committed  to 
the  Provost,  lingered  until  May  2,  1777,  and  died 
from  his  sufferings.  His  remains  were  interred  in 
Trinity  Churchyard.  By  his  wife  Abigail,  daughter 
of  John  Sands,  of  Sands  Point,  L.  I.,  born  January, 
1708,  married  February  10,  1729,  and  died  Aug.  14, 
1782,  he  left  four  daughters  and  three  sons. 

John  Thomas,  Jr.,  who  married  Phebe  Palmer, 
was  Chairman  of  County  Committee,  Quarter- 
master 2d  Westchester  Col.  Regiment,  and  High 
Sheriff  of  Westchester  County  in  1778. 

William  Thomas,  born  Aug.  1,  1736,  died  May 
29,  1824. 

Major  General  Thomas  Thomas,  of  Harrison, 
Westchester  County,  married  Catherine  Floyd  of 
Mastic,  L.  I.  The  latter  individual  was  one  of  the 
most  prominent  Whigs  of  the  North,  a  dis- 
tinguished Military  Officer,  Sheriff  in  1788-92,  and 
one  of  the  first  members  of  the  State  Legislature  of 
the  State  of  New  York,  1780  to  1804,  Senator 
1805-8,  and  was  Colonel  of  Middle  Battalion  West- 
chester Co.  He  was  captured  by  the  Queens 
Rangers  in  1777,  was  subsequently  paroled  and 
ultimately  exchanged  ;  he  died  in  1824  ;  he  married 
Catharine  Floyd  of  Mastic,  Long  Island,  born  May 
9,  1746,  died  January  15,  1825. 

One   of   his  sisters  was  Charity  Thomas,    who 


married  James  Ferris  of  Throckmorton's  Neck, 
whose  grandson  was  Thomas  Ferris,  present  pro- 
prietor. Hon.  Charles  Gr.  Ferris,  late  member  of 
Congress  from  the  City  of  New  York,  was  a  lineal 
descendant.  See  Bolton's  History  of  Westchester, 
Vol.  I,  pp.  254  to  258.  William  Floyd,  signer  of 
the  Declaration  of  Independence,  married  a  sister 
of  Genl.  Thomas. 

Margaret,  a  sister,  born  August  1st,  1738  ;  married 
Charles  Floyd. 

The  following  inscriptions  are  on  the  monu- 
ment and  tomb  stones  of  the  Thomas  Family  at 
Harrison : 

u  Sacred  to  the  memory  of  Major  General  Thomas 
Thomas,  who  died  on  the  29th  of  May,  a.  d.  1824, 
in  the  79th  year  of  his  age.  As  a  soldier  of  the 
Revolution  of  1776,  he  aided  in  establishing 
the  independence  of  the  United  States.  As  a 
member  of  the  Legislature  of  the  State 
of  New  York  he  assisted  in  laying  the 
foundations  of  those  institutions  that  were  in- 
tended to  perpetuate  the  Republic.  This  monu- 
ment, I  understand,  was  erected  at  the  expense  of 
the  State  of  New  York,  and  to-day  lies  buried 
with  weeds,  though  lately  some  of  the  compiler's 
family,  Mrs.  Wm.  H.  Brigham,  has  had  the  same 
cleaned  up  and  plot  put  in  shape." 

"  Sacred  to  the  memory  of  Catharine  Thomas, 
widow  of  Thomas  Thomas,  who  died  the  15th  day 
of  January,  a.  d.  1825,  in  the  79th  year  of  her 

;'  Sacred  to  the  memory  of  Charles  Floyd  Thomas, 

son  of  Thomas  Thomas  and  Catharine  Thomas,  who 
died  on  the  second  of  January,  a.  d.  1802,  in  the 
24th  year  of  his  age. 

There  are  other  monuments  to  Nancy  Thomas 
and  Gloriana  Thomas,  born  September  27,  1740, 
and  married  to  James  Franklin." 

Coat  of  Arms  and  Crest  of  Thomas  Family. 

Arms. — Gu  or  a  chev  or  betw.  three  herons 
az  four  barrulets  az. 

Crest. — A  heron's  head  erased  az  gorged  with  a 
garland  of  roses  gu. 

See  Thomas'  Book,  printed  by  Henry  I.  Thomas 
Co.,  N.  Y. 


IV.  Sarah  Ferris,  m.  John  White  ;  issue. 
V.  George  F.  Wliite,  son  of  John  and  Elizabeth 

White  ;  b.   N.  Y.  City,  Feby  4,  1789  ;  m. 

Hannah  T.  Haydock,  daughter  of  John 

W.  and  Elizabeth  Haydock ;  b.  Mch.  27, 

1791 ;  issue. 
VI.  Edward    White,    m.    twice ;    1st,    Jennette 

Jarms  ;  2d,  Eliza  Van  VlecTc. 
VI.  Elizabeth  White,  unmarried. 
VI.  Sarah  H.  White,  unmarried. 
VI.  Henry  Kirlce  White,  m.  Anna  Maria  Eb~ 

VI.  William  H.  White,  bachelor. 
VI.  Arthur  White,  bachelor. 
VI.  Maria  H.  White,  m.  Alfred  W.  Corlies  ;  no 


VI.  George  Arthur  White. 
VI.  Cornelia  H  White,  m.  Edwin  Maynard. 
VI.  Edward    White,    m.    twice ;    1st,    Jennette 
Jarvis ;  2d,  Eliza  Van  Vleck ;  issue,  two 

daughters.     VII.  Anna  &  VII. . 

VI.  Henry  Kirke  White,  m.  Anna  M.  Ebberly  ; 

issue,  VII.  George  F.  White. 
VI.  Cornelia  H.   White,   m.   Edwin  Maynard; 

VII.  Edwin  Percy  Maynard. 
VII.  Alfred  Corlies  Maynard. 
VII.  Guy  Ferris  Maynard. 
VII.  Cordelia  Qarter  Maynard. 


Extract  from  the  Roster  of  New  York  State  Troops  (for 
Westchester  and  Dutchess  Counties)  giving  the  Ferrises 
who  took  part  in  the  Revolutionary  War.  See  Documents 
of  Colonial  History,  Vol.  XV.,  p.  370,  et  seq. 





1.  Ferris.   Alexander. 


Albert  Pawling's. 

Livingston's . 


'        Benjamin.. 


Thaddeus  Crane's. 


3.       ' 


Samuel  Drake's. 





( t 







Marin  us  Willet's. 



Corporal . 

Pawling's . 



«          "     IPrivate. 

Wemple's . 



i          << 


Henry  Luddington's . 



Gideon  . . . 


Pawling's . 




Van  Vech ten's. 




Pawling . 

Sacket's . 


«            «< 



Lewis . 

14.       ' 

'        Jonathan... 

Sergeant . 




<              «< 



St.  John's. 


<  t 




<           <« 



St .  John's . 


•           <. 












'       Jonathan  . . 


Drake . 

Boyd's . 

22.       ' 

'       Joseph    . . . 



23.       ' 


Drake . 


24.       ' 

'       Reuben  — 

Lieut.  Col. 

Luddington's . 

25.       ' 

1       Samuel .... 



Lewis . 

26.       ' 

«             << 



Livingston's . 

27.       • 

<             «< 




28.       ' 






Seth. . .' ' ! ! 

Corporal . 

Roswell  Hopkins. 



'       Silvanus. . . 



Stevenson's . 


'        Sylvanus . . 





Thomas.  . . 

Sergeant . 




'             " 



William . . . 

Sergeant . 

Hopkins . 

Talmadge . 


'              "... 




'        Benjamin  . 
















1 1 




Grose.  Van  Schaick,  1st 
Reg.  of  Line. 


"    Jr 


Philip  Van    Cortlandt, 
2d  Reg.  of  Line. 

James     Holme's      4th 
Reg.  of  Line. 



"            " 





James     Holme's      4th 
Reg.  of  Line. 



1 1            <« 




Robt.  Van  Rensselaer, 
Albany  Co. 
\  John  Field. 




(  Andrew  Morehouse. 
j  Moses  Graham. 
1  Roswell  Hopkins. 



A.  Zechariah    Ferris,    of    Charlestown,    Mass., 

1675  ;    made  a  freeman  in  1676  ;    married 
and  had  the  following  issue  : 

B.  Zechariah,  Jr.;  baptized  February  6,  1676. 
B.     Sarah  ;  baptized  November  12,  1676. 

B.    Hannah  ;  baptized  July  8,  1680. 

B.  Zechariah  Ferris,  Jr. ;  married,  and  had  issue  : 

C.  Benjamin,    who    became  a  Quaker  preacher 

and  went  to  New  Milford  in  1711.  Smith's 
History  of  Dutchess  County,  p.  258,  says 
he,  Benjamin,  was  a  settler  near  Pawling, 
and  that  his  father,  Zechariah,  came  to 
New  Milford. 

Syltanus  Ferris,  of  Greenwich  ;  August  10,  1737, 
served  against  Ticonderoga  and  Crown 
Point ;  sold  out  May  28,  1782,  and  moved 
to  Lewiston ;  had  four  sons  and  five 
daughters.  Henry  settled  in  Cato,  Four 
Corners,  Cayuga  County,  N.  Y.,  and  had 
two  sons,  Justice  and  Thatcher.  Sylvanus 
married  Sarah  0.  Gastead  ;  finally  died  at 
Galesburg,  111.,  1837. 

Benjamin  Ferris  was  appointed  State  Flour  In- 
spector, &c,  for  Westchester  County,  February 
26,  1772.     See  Colonial  Laws,  Vol.  V,  p.  296. 



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